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Signal Processors

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    Digitech Studio 400

    Effects Processor

    Though it costs no more than last year's TSR24S, Digitech's latest top-line studio processor offers twice the power, an improved user interface, and a digital connections option. Derek Johnson leaps into action.

    Reviews Oct 1996
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    Digitech Studio Twin

    Digital Multi-effects Unit

    Effects units continue to drop in price while offering more and more features. Digitech's new Studio Twin costs less than £250, but still offers a dual effects mode and MIDI patch control. Paul White is agog.

    Reviews Sep 1996
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    Digitech MV5

    Vocal Harmony Processor

    Offering 5-part harmony at a budget price, the MV5 is Digitech's easiest to use pitch-shifter yet. The David Mellor Singers provide the tune...

    Reviews Jul 1996
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    Digitech RPM1

    Valve Rotary Speaker Simulator

    There have been Leslie simulators before, but none to exploit the sympathetic warmth of valves.

    Reviews Feb 1996
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    Digitech Studio Quad

    Digital Effects Processor

    Paul White tries to pigeonhole Digitech's new effects unit — but quickly discovers that it can mean different things to different users.

    Reviews Feb 1996
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    Digitech TSR6

    Stereo Effects Processor

    Digitech have trimmed back both price and features for the latest addition to the TSR effects family. But does the newcomer offer enough bang per buck?

    Reviews Feb 1996
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