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Signal Processors

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    Digitech Studio Quad V2

    Multi-effects Unit

    Four inputs, four outputs, up to four simultaneous effects... Digitech have kept to the magic number for this upgrade of their user-friendly multi-effects processor, but is it a superior being? Hugh Robjohns finds out.

    Reviews Sep 1997
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    Digitech VCS1

    Dual-channel Dynamics Processor

    The VCS1 goes for the best of both worlds, featuring a valve for warmth and character, and solid-state technology for level control. Hugh Robjohns finds out what the combination has to offer.

    Reviews May 1997
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    Digitech Vocalist

    Workstation Vocal Harmony Processor

    The newest member of Digitech's Vocalist family of intelligent pitch-shifters boasts some slimmed-down features from previous models and a 'hands-on' user interface. Paul Farrer warms up with some scales, adjusts his bow tie and takes this powerful module right through the standing ovation and bouquets

    Reviews Mar 1997
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