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Signal Processors

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    Melodyne 4 launched with Tempo Editor & more

    Adjust tempo, overtones, internal dynamics and more

    It’s been a good few years since the last major version of Celemony’s ingenious Melodyne software, but...

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    Celemony Melodyne 3

    Pitch & Time Correction Software [Mac/PC]

    Melodyne has always worked miracles with the pitch and timing of monophonic audio, but Celemony's new version 3 turns its attention to full polyphonic mixes.

    Reviews Apr 2006
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    Celemony Melodyne 2

    Pitch & Time Correction Software [Mac/PC]

    Version 2 of Celemony's revolutionary pitch- and tempo-shifting software includes new features, better sequencer integration and an improved interface.

    Reviews Jan 2004
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