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Signal Processors

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    Bellari RP583

    Valve Compressor

    This dual-channel compressor combines valve circuitry with an opto-compressor design. But does it deliver the best or the worst of both worlds?

    Reviews Jun 2004
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    Q. What are the clicks spoiling my digital recordings?

    I record guitar using a Line 6 Pod Pro going into a Roland VMC7200 mixing desk via S/PDIF. While the guitar is plugged in, every so often a little audio spike comes through the monitors. Can you tell me what this noise could be and how to stop it?

    Sound Advice Jun 2004
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    Vic Keary

    Thermionic Culture Valve Designs

    SOS talks to a British designer who thinks audio in the 21st century is still best served by tube.

    People Jun 2004
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