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Signal Processors

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    Dbx AFS2

    Feedback Suppressor

    Is this Dbx’s most user–friendly feedback suppressor to date?

    Reviews Jul 2015
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    Dbx 162SL

    Dual Compressor/Limiter

    Despite being both smaller and lighter, this new compressor yields little in performance to Dbx's flagship 160SL.

    Reviews Dec 2004
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    Dbx 266XL


    Does the new 266 compressor from dbx really excel?

    Reviews Sep 1998
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    Dbx DDP

    Digital Dynamics Processor

    The DDP takes the five dynamics processes you're most likely to want, turns them digital, and squashes them into a 1U studio workhorse box for under £600.

    Reviews Aug 1998
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    dbx 160S


    Is the dbx 160S pure technology, a work of art, or a little of both?

    Reviews Jan 1998
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