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Signal Processors

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    Compressor Topology

    Feed-forward Or Feedback?

    Feedback and feed‑forward compressors can sound very different. Which type is right for which job?

    Sound Advice . Feb 2023
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    Dbx AFS2

    Feedback Suppressor

    Is this Dbx’s most user–friendly feedback suppressor to date?

    Reviews Jul 2015
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    Dbx 162SL

    Dual Compressor/Limiter

    Despite being both smaller and lighter, this new compressor yields little in performance to Dbx's flagship 160SL.

    Reviews Dec 2004
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    Dbx 566

    Dual Vacuum Tube Compressor

    Although the Dbx product portfolio is growing rapidly with new digital products, they haven't forgotten about the sonic advantages of more traditional technology — hence their new Silver series of affordable 'classic' processors. Hugh Robjohns gets to grips with the 566 valve compressor.

    Reviews Dec 1999
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    Dbx Quantum

    Digital Mastering Processor

    The Quantum from Dbx is the latest entrant into the growing market for all-in-one digital mastering boxes, offering competition to the likes of TC Electronic's Finalizer and Drawmer's Masterflow. Hugh Robjohns finds out how well it stands up in this illustrious company...

    Reviews Sep 1999
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    Dbx 266XL


    Does the new 266 compressor from dbx really excel?

    Reviews Sep 1998
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    Dbx DDP

    Digital Dynamics Processor

    The DDP takes the five dynamics processes you're most likely to want, turns them digital, and squashes them into a 1U studio workhorse box for under £600.

    Reviews Aug 1998
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    Dbx MC6

    Mini-comp Compressor

    Paul White tries out a compressor that looks like a cross between a portable CD player and a Stealth soap dish, but discovers the sound is much bigger than the package.

    Reviews Apr 1998
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    dbx 160S


    Is the dbx 160S pure technology, a work of art, or a little of both?

    Reviews Jan 1998
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    DBX Project 1 Model 286

    Microphone Processor

    This new voice channel aims to provide all you need to get a good sound from a mic, at a reasonable price. David Mellor tries it out.

    Reviews Jan 1997
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    DBX 1066


    Does the DBX 1066 represents one in the eye for its competition? Is it a device for Norman-lizing signal levels or does it Harold a new era in signal processing? Paul White tries to keep off the puns long enough to find out.

    Reviews Dec 1996
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    DBX 120XP

    Sub-Harmonic Synthesizer

    Such was the outcry when dbx discontinued their original 'Boom Box' they were forced to introduce a new model. Paul White finds out whether it really plumbs new depths.

    Reviews Mar 1994
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