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Signal Processors

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    TC-Helicon Perform-V

    Vocal Effects Processor

    This powerful vocal processor puts its controls right where you need them!

    Reviews May 2016
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    TC Helicon VoiceLive Play

    Live Vocal Processor

    The VoiceLive Play offers powerful vocal processing with simple footpedal control.

    Reviews Feb 2012
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    TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch

    Live Vocal Processor & Looper

    Is one voice not enough for you? Have you always dreamed of being your own choir? Read on...

    Reviews Oct 2011
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    TC-Helicon Voice Pro

    Vocal Processor

    Combining pitch-correction, multi-part harmony generation, the ability to change vocal character, and multi-effects processing, TC-Helicon's Voice Pro is a complete vocal production suite inside a single box. But does it sound any good?

    Reviews Mar 2006
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    TC-Helicon Intonator HS

    Pitch-correction Plug-in [TC Powercore]

    A Powercore version of Antares' ubiquitous Auto-Tune pitch corrector was announced in 2001, but it never appeared. Is TC's new Intonator HS plug-in a viable alternative?

    Reviews Nov 2004
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    TC-Helicon Voice Modeler

    Vocal Processing Plug-in [Powercore]

    This Voice Modeler plug-in is designed to change the character of a recorded vocal, adding breathiness, chest resonance and 'growl', and allowing you to modify inflection and vibrato.

    Reviews Feb 2004
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    TC-Helicon Voice Works

    Mic Preamp & Effects Processor

    TC-Helicon's new rack unit aims to provide you with every conceivable vocal recording tool, including EQ, compression, pitch-correction, double-tracking, intelligent harmony generation and effects.

    Reviews Jun 2003
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    TC-Helicon Voice One

    Voice Modelling Processor

    The Voice One offers the second generation of TC-Helicon's pioneering modelling technology, along with powerful tools for manipulating and correcting pitch.

    Reviews Aug 2002
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    TC-Helicon Voiceprism Plus

    Vocal Formant Pitch Processor

    TC-Helicon claim that their flagship vocal processor can make you sound like a totally different person. But how well does it work?

    Reviews Nov 2001
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    Fred Speckeen Of TC-Helicon

    The Science Of Voice Modelling

    TC‑Helicon's revolutionary VoiceCraft card for their VoicePrism processor allows the user to radically reshape the whole character of a vocal sound, adding tonal and inflectional changes that go way beyond the capabilities of current voice processors. Paul White talks technology with designer Fred Speckeen.

    People Apr 2001
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