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Signal Processors

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    Crane Song & Dave Hill Plug-ins

    Tape, Vinyl & Distortion Plug-ins For Pro Tools

    When a top hardware expert turns his attention to plug-in design, the results are a bit special.

    Reviews Oct 2014
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    Native Instruments Molekular

    Modular Multi‑effects Software

    By designing a signal processing environment that offers endless modulation and routing options, Native Instruments hope to reinvent the way we use effects.

    Reviews Sep 2014
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    IK Multimedia Master EQ432, EQ73 & EQ81

    Format: T‑Racks Custom Shop modules

    IK Multimedia add three new EQ modules to their T‑Racks Custom Shop series.

    Reviews Aug 2014
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    WaveDNA Liquid Rhythm

    Rhythm Generating Software For Mac OS & Windows

    For those stuck in a rhythmic rut, WaveDNA's pattern sequencer plug-in offers some exotic creative tools with even more exotic names.

    Reviews Jul 2014
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    Zplane Vielklang 2

    Pitch-correction & Harmony-generation Software [Mac OS & Windows]

    The latest version of Zplane's Vielklang will not only generate harmonies from your vocals, but put them in tune first!

    Reviews Jul 2014
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    Brainworx Engl E765RT & E646VS

    Amp Modelling Plug-ins For UAD2 & Apollo

    Eschewing the ‘mix and match’ philosophy of most amp modellers, Brainworx have turned their attention to capturing entire recording chains.

    Reviews Apr 2014
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    UVI Sparkverb

    Reverb Plug‑in For Mac & PC

    UVI's rainbow‑hued reverb plug‑in is designed to help you instantly find the right ambience for your mix.

    Reviews Mar 2014
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    Exponential Audio PhoenixVerb & R2

    Reverb Plug-ins [Mac / PC]

    The market for reverb plug-ins is crowded, but Exponential Audio hope there's space for two more high-quality designs...

    Reviews Mar 2014
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