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Signal Processors

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    Waves Eddie Kramer Collection

    Plug-in Bundle [Mac OS/Windows]

    Waves latest plug-in collection attempts to bottle the genius of Eddie Kramer, for our benefit!

    Reviews Nov 2009
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    Waves GTR3 & GTR Ground

    Amp Modelling Software & Foot Controller

    Waves have made a rare foray into the world of hardware with the GTR Ground, designed to give hands-free control over their Guitar Tool Rack software amp simulator.

    Reviews Jun 2009
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    Waves JJP Collection

    Plug-in Bundle [Mac/PC]

    Renowned mix engineer Jack Joseph Puig employs his massive collection of vintage outboard gear on everything from the Black Crowes to Black Eyed Peas. Now, thanks to Waves, you can get your hands on some of the same goodies.

    Reviews May 2009
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    Waves Maserati Collection

    Plug-in Bundle [Mac/PC]

    Most of us cannot afford to have Tony Maserati mix our tracks — but thanks to Waves, we can now use his personal effects and processing chains in our own mixes.

    Reviews Apr 2009
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