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Signal Processors

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    Joey Sturgis Tones launch Toneforge Guilty Pleasure

    Save on new amp simulator from metal/hardcore producer

    Audio entrepreneur and producer Joey Sturgis (Joey Sturgis Tones, Unstoppable Recording Machine, Drumforge) has released his newest Guitar Amp Simulator, Toneforge Guilty Pleasure...

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    Drumforge release 'first EQ built for drums'

    DF-Q drum EQ is designed for musicians

    Drumforge, creators of the award-winning Drumforge sample library have launched DF-Q, the first EQ plug-in designed specifically for mixing drums.

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    Joey Sturgis Plug-ins

    Drum & Guitar Processing Software

    Many well-known engineers are now lending their names to plug-ins, and now metalcore specialist Joey Sturgis has joined the fray.

    Reviews Jun 2016
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