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Signal Processors

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    Unfiltered Audio LO-FI-AF plug-in

    Unfiltered Audio LO-FI-AF

    Lo-fi Plug-in

    LO‑FI‑AF combines four damage‑wreaking sections to offer a range of treatments that extend from the fairly subtle to out‑and‑out audio vandalism!

    Reviews Oct 2022
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    Unfiltered Audio SILO

    Granular Reverb Plug-in

    SILO combines granular processing with reverb and pitch change, the aim being to produce complex, musically involving effects...

    Reviews Aug 2021
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    Unfiltered Audio Dent

    Formats: Mac & PC AAX & VST; Mac AU

    Unfiltered Audio’s Dent is a comprehensive set of tools specifically designed to cause severe damage to your audio...

    Reviews Sep 2017
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