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Signal Processors

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    Using Transient Processors

    Pushing The Envelope

    Attack‑enhancing plug‑ins can transform your mix — but they need to be used wisely!

    Techniques . Jun 2023
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    Eddie Bazil of Samplecraze

    Using Transient Shapers | Podcast

    Expert Production Tips

    In this episode, Eddie Bazil discusses using Transient Shapers in place of EQ and provides six practical examples.

    Techniques Aug 2021
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    SPL join 500-series party

    Transient Designer and De-Esser modules launched

    German audio experts SPL have introduced a pair of new modules that package two of their most celebrated processing...

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    Where To Use Processors & Why: Part 6

    Tips & Techniques

    With so much high-end analogue processing gear using valves these days, it's easy to assume that they invariably equate to a better sound — but that's not always the case. Paul White explains.

    Techniques Mar 1998
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