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Signal Processors

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    Focusrite FAST Limiter AI powered plug-in automatic limiting

    Focusrite FAST Limiter & Bundle

    New limiter joins AI-powered plug-in range

    An AI-powered limiter joins the FAST range, and Focusrite are offering users a discounted bundle to mark its release.

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    Focusrite FAST Balancer AI powered EQ plug-in

    Focusrite FAST Balancer

    AI-powered plug-in applies a custom EQ with a single click

    The latest FAST plug-in from Focusrite used artificial intelligence to EQ sources with a single click.

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    Focusrite FAST Verb

    Reverb Plug-in [Mac & Windows]

    The latest addition to Focusrite’s AI‑powered Collective makes great‑sounding reverbs easy to achieve.

    Reviews Dec 2021
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    Focusrite FAST Reveal

    Spectral Ducker Plug-in

    FAST Reveal is designed to make it easy to tackle masking problems in your mix.

    Reviews May 2021
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    Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic

    Eight-channel Mic Preamp, Compressor & A-D/D-A Converter

    What’s new in Focusrite’s updated multi-channel mic preamp?

    Reviews May 2017
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    Focusrite Liquid Mix

    Firewire Dynamic Convolution Processor

    Following on from last month's sneak preview, here's the full SOS hands-on test: If you're looking for characterful compression and EQ to warm up your computer-based mixes, Focusrite's Liquid Mix might just be the answer.

    Reviews Sep 2006
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    Focusrite Liquid Mix (Preview)

    Firewire-based Dynamic Convolution Processor

    PREVIEW: Focusrite's Liquid Mix could be the hottest product of the year, using convolution technology to integrate a stellar range of vintage analogue EQ and compressor replicas into your DAW. We got our hands on a prototype to see whether it lives up to the hype... (A full test will follow in September 2006 issue.)

    Reviews Jul 2006
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    Focusrite Platinum Penta

    Preset Stereo Compressor

    The new compressor in Focusrite's Platinum Range offers pre-programmed settings for ease of use, whilst still incorporating extensive manual parameter control. Paul White gets to grips with the Penta.

    Reviews Aug 2001
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    What Is An Equaliser?

    Theory & Applications

    EQ is a vital tool in modern music production, and an understanding of how each type of equaliser works is important if you are to choose the most effective one for each situation. Paul White and Mike Senior explain the basic principles of equalisation and the different practical implementations.

    Techniques Jul 2001
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    Focusrite Platinum Mix Master

    Mastering Processor

    Paul White tries a new analogue mastering processor that combines expansion, compression, EQ, width control and limiting in a single device.

    Reviews Sep 2000
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    Focusrite ISA 110

    Mic Preamp & Parametric EQ

    Paul White takes a newly reincarnated Focusrite classic for a spin in his studio and discovers that sometimes, they do make things like they used to.

    Reviews Jun 2000
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    Focusrite ISA430 Producer Pack

    Input Channel

    Focusrite's latest product is an updated version of one of their '80s classics. Is it even better the second time around?

    Reviews Nov 1999
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    Focusrite Platinum Compounder

    2-channel Dynamics Processor

    Paul White gets inside Focusrite's new compressor to find out what really makes it tick.

    Reviews May 1999
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    Focusrite Platinum Voicemaster

    Voice Channel

    It's a Focusrite, Jim, but not as we know it! Is it possible to deliver Focusrite quality at such an aggressively low price?

    Reviews Jul 1998
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    Focusrite Platinum

    Tone Factory

    Paul White clocks on for a shift in Focusrite's Tone Factory, the first of the company's new low-cost Platinum range of processors, and discovers the anarchic side of Focusrite.

    Reviews Jun 1998
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    Focusrite Green 4 & Green 5

    Dual Compressor/Limiter & Channel Strip

    Focusrite's new Green processors are enough to make anyone envious, as Paul White discovered when he had to give them back!

    Reviews Jul 1997
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    Focusrite Green Focus EQ


    Though it's not exactly cheap, the Green Focus EQ brings professional quality within reach of the serious project studio owner. Paul White does the 'rite thing...

    Reviews Jan 1997
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    Focusrite Green Voicebox

    Voice Processor

    Many budding engineers aspire to Forcusrite equipment, but until recently, its cost has made it the exclusive province of the professional. The Green range aims to change all that, while still retaining the legendary Focusrite quality. Paul White gives it the green light.

    Reviews Nov 1996
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