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Signal Processors

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    JoeMeek Floor Q

    Compressor Pedal

    We check out this traditional JoeMeek compressor in pedal format, for use with guitars, basses and other instruments.

    Reviews Sep 2009
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    Joemeek TwinQ Dual Recording Channel

    Joemeek's new dual recording channel provides an innovative current-sensing preamp, optical compression and three-band equalisation, as well as the option to fit an onboard stereo A-D converter.

    Reviews Dec 2001
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    Joemeek VC1Q

    Studio Channel

    The latest Joemeek processor to benefit from the company's Meequaliser technology is the new incarnation of the VC1. Paul White racks it up...

    Reviews Aug 2000
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    Joemeek VC3Q

    Recording Channel

    Paul White tests the latest incarnation of the Joemeek VC3, which now sports a three band equaliser in addition to its mic/line preamp and opto-compressor.

    Reviews Jul 2000
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    JoeMeek VC6Q

    Recording Channel

    Paul White goes green with the latest JoeMeek recording channel.

    Reviews Jan 2000
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    JoeMeek SC4

    Stereo Compressor

    JoeMeek combine the old and the new in their opto-electronic analogue compressor with 24-bit digital I/O and M&S signal path. Paul White tries it out.

    Reviews May 1999
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    JoeMeek C2

    Stereo Compressor

    Is it really possible to produce a worthwhile stereo compressor which sells at under £200? Paul White finds out.

    Reviews Apr 1999
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    JoeMeek VC5 Meequaliser

    3-band Dual Channel EQ

    While this outboard EQ provides little more than a decent desk EQ in the way of facilities, it does have that distinctive vintage JoeMeek sound at a price that won't break the bank.

    Reviews May 1998
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    JoeMeek VC6 Meekbox

    Compressor/Enhancer/Mic Preamp

    Paul White tries his luck on the green and finds that where voice channels are concerned, this box is a whole in one.

    Reviews Nov 1997
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    JoeMeek VC2

    Single-channel Valve Voice/Instrument Processor

    Paul White checks out the first tube product in the JoeMeek range.

    Reviews Sep 1997
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    JoeMeek VC4


    Paul White checks out JoeMeek's first standalone enhancer.

    Reviews Aug 1997
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    JoeMeek VC1

    Studio Channel

    Paul White studio tests the new JoeMeek VC1 and finds that nostalgia is everything it used to be.

    Reviews Apr 1997
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    Stereo Compressor

    Paul White studio tests the JoeMeek Stereo Compressor to find out whether nostalgia really is what it used to be...

    Reviews Aug 1996
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