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Signal Processors

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    Firesonic FireEQ

    Equaliser Plug-in

    Available through United Plugins, FireEQ combines several EQ methodologies with a view to making mixing and mastering flexible but without adding too much complexity.

    Reviews Jun 2024
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    United Plugins FireSonic FireEQ Mid-Side graphic EQ dynamics equaliser plug-in

    FireSonic & United Plugins announce FireEQ

    Equipped with Mid-Side high-pass and graphic EQ bands

    FireSonic's new EQ plug-in offers some useful Mid-Side functionality and a simple one-knob control that makes quick work of adjusting the overall tonal balance of its output.

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    FireSonic FireCharger

    Enhancement Plug-in

    Distributed by UnitedPlugins, FireSonic’s FireCharger is another take on the ‘make everything sound a bit better’ concept. It...

    Reviews Feb 2021
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    FireSonic FireMaster

    Sonic Exciter Plug-in

    This plug-in offers parallel compression and tube-like saturation.

    Reviews Mar 2020
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