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Signal Processors

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    The new generation 3 Goliath HD is another comprehensive interface with copious built-in processing power.

    ‘Interfaces and more’ from Antelope

    Augmented I/O boxes pack processing punch

    Antelope Audio's latest generation of interfaces offer comprehensive processing options as well as generous I/O.

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    The Looperboard, Headrush's follow-up to the Pedalboard and Gigboard.

    Headrush go to ground with Looperboard

    Feature-rich floorboard-format looper incorporates backing track playback, effects and audio interface

    The Looperboard is Headrush's follow-up to the Pedalboard and Gigboard and is a floorboard performance looper incorporating effects and a USB interface.

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    Audient's Sono is a combined audio interface and guitarist-friendly amp and cab simulator

    Audient goes for the guitarists at NAMM

    New Sono audio interface features valve preamp & guitar amp/cab simulations

    The new Sono audio interface features a mic preamp & modelled power amp/cabinet simulations for guitarists. Includes an SOS video from NAMM!

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    Line 6 HX Stomp

    Amp-modelling & Effects Processor

    This pedal puts Line 6's flagship Helix processing in a compact stompbox.

    Reviews Jan 2019
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    Boss GT-1000

    Guitar Effects Processor

    Could Boss’s latest do-it-all modelling processor form the heart of your live or recording rig?

    Reviews Nov 2018
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    Antelope add Vintage FX to Thunderbolt interfaces

    Free zero-latency EQs based on Neumann and SSL available October

    We catch up with Marcel from Antelope Audio and find out what new additions they've made to the hardware-based...

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    Line 6 Helix Rack

    Amp & Effects Modelling Processor

    Eighteen years after the launch of their ground-breaking POD, Line 6’s new flagship amp-modeller looks brimful of promise.

    Reviews Jun 2016
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    Line 6 Pod X3 Pro

    Guitar Modelling Processor

    Line 6 follow their Pod X3 and X3 Live processors with this rackmount professional version, the X3 Pro, offering enhanced I/O and dual processing...

    Reviews Jun 2009
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    M-Audio Black Box

    Guitar Processor & USB Audio Interface

    The guitar modelling revolution continues apace with M-Audio's latest interface.

    Reviews Dec 2006
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    Line 6 Toneport UX1 & UX2

    USB Recording Interfaces [PC/Mac]

    Line 6's latest products are USB boxes that turn your computer into a low-latency amp-modelling system.

    Reviews Feb 2006
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    Liquid Channel offers AES digital in/out on XLRs.

    Q. Can I connect an AES output to an S/PDIF input?

    I own a Focusrite Liquid Channel (which is great!) and would like to connect it to my MOTU 828's digital input...

    Sound Advice Nov 2005
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