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Signal Processors

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    ART Solo Series MPA VLA Studio analogue preamp compressor channel striip

    ART’s new Solo Series outboard

    Switchable valve and solid-state signal paths

    Sticking to ART's tradition of providing versatile, affordable hardware, the new Solo Series units pack in some serious features while coming in at an impressively low cost. 

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    SPL Channel One Mk3

    Mono Channel Strip

    With a Transient Designer, a de‑esser and an unusually versatile input section, there’s more to SPL’s recording channel than most.

    Reviews May 2024
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    Neve 1073SPX-D analogue outboard channel strip ADAT USB interface

    Neve announce 1073SPX-D interface

    Combines iconic pre and EQ with USB interface

    Along with its classic preamp design, the 1073SPX‑D also includes an EQ section, balanced inserts, a powerful headphone amp, ADAT expandability and more.

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    Gainlab Audio GLA-MP1 Bishop

    All-Valve Channel Strip

    Gainlab’s channel strip delivers high‑quality valvetube preamplification and optical compression, along with some interesting tone‑shaping options.

    Reviews Apr 2024
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    CEntrance The English Channel

    Modular Recording Channel

    This compact, versatile channel strip boasts SD card recording, USB audio interfacing and mix‑minus phone integration.

    Reviews Mar 2024
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    GC Audio Inherit Bank modular analogue preamp compressor EQ studio outboard

    GC Audio unveil Inherit Bank

    Company expand modular outboard series

    GC Audio's latest product will serve as an expansion unit for their Inherit Rack, adding an additional four cartridge slots and making it even easier to audition different tonal options.

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    GC Audio Inherit Series

    Modular Microphone Preamp System

    Contrary to popular reports, preamps don’t all sound the same — and this clever modular system makes it easy to hear the ‘magic’.

    Reviews Feb 2024
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    Harrison Audio's 500-series Modules launched at the NAMM 2024 show.

    Harrison Audio breaks new ground with 500-series modules

    Offering legendary console technology

    Harrison Audio has stepped into the 500-series format, bringing their legendary console technology to a broader audience.

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    G4M Product range studio microphones outboard PA system speakers guitar bass keyboard instruments

    Gear4music unveil new G4M product range

    Outboard, microphones, PA systems, instruments & more

    G4M is a new musical instrument and technology brand that plans to offer a range of high-quality products to intermediate and professional musicians, producers and engineers.

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    Grace Design Rex Roxi high-quality microphone preamp pedal effects loop boost

    Grace Design introduce Rex & Roxi preamp pedals

    Acclaimed preamps available in pedal format

    Grace Design's latest offerings make their renowned microphone preamps available in pedal format, and include some useful features such as built-in EQ, boost and effects loop facilities.

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    Rupert Neve Designs Newton Channel preamp EQ compressor Silk Red Blue transformer saturation channel strip

    Rupert Neve Designs unveil Newton Channel

    Latest channel strip features Red/Blue Silk saturation

    RND's latest channel strip is capable of delivering a clean, transparent and detailed sound, but also offers a range of saturation options thanks to the inclusion of their Red and Blue Silk circuits.

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    Gainlab Audio Bishop outboard channel strip valve preamp optical compressor double slope

    Gainlab Audio announce Bishop

    New channel strip employs E88CC and 12AX7 valves

    Gainlab Audio's latest device couples a valve microphone preamp with an optical compressor that features an interesting "double slope" design. 

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    CEntrance launch English Channel

    New device bundle from portable recording experts

    The English Channel combines CEntrance’s SoapBox, BlackCab, and Portcaster devices with a custom desktop enclosure, providing an all-in-one channel strip with a built-in SD Card recorder and audio interface.

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    Soyuz Launcher Deluxe stereo in-line microphone preamp booster saturator

    Soyuz Launcher Deluxe in-line preamp

    Combines gain boost with saturation

    Rather than providing a clean gain boost, the Launcher Deluxe from Soyuz has been designed to provide saturation for both microphone and line-level signals. 

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    Vic Keary passes away

    Thermionic Culture founder

    Founder and chief designer of Thermionic Culture, Vic Keary, has sadly passed away. 

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    SSL Guitarstrip acoustic guitar bass channel strip plug-in

    SSL release Guitarstrip plug-in

    All-in-one guitar-focused channel strip

    SSL's Guitarstrip is an all-in-one channel strip plug-in equipped with four carefully tailored processing modules and aimed at electric, acoustic and bass guitar parts.

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    Golden Age Premier Pre-73 Jr & EQ-73

    Microphone Preamplifier & Equaliser

    Golden Age’s new Premier series of Neve‑inspired devices get even closer to the real thing.

    Reviews Sep 2022
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    Neve 1057 vintage microphone preamp eq 80 series console modules

    First Neve 1057 modules for sale

    Originally fitted in the first 80 Series console

    A set of 16 original Neve 1057 microphone preamp and EQ modules originally installed in the first Neve 80 Series console have been put up for auction. 

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    Hazelrigg Industries VLC

    Mic Preamp & EQ

    This versatile input channel gives you the classic sound of tubes, transformers and inductors.

    Reviews May 2022
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    H2 Audio Helios 2128 Preamp & 5011 EQ

    500-series Modules

    H2 aim to put the legendary sound of Olympic Studios in your 500‑series rack.

    Reviews Sep 2021
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    H2 Audio Helios 2128 Preamp & 5011 EQ | Audio

    Hear For Yourself!

    The audio files available on this page accompany my review of the...

    Reviews Sep 2021


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