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Signal Processors

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    G4M Product range studio microphones outboard PA system speakers guitar bass keyboard instruments

    Gear4music unveil new G4M product range

    Outboard, microphones, PA systems, instruments & more

    G4M is a new musical instrument and technology brand that plans to offer a range of high-quality products to intermediate and professional musicians, producers and engineers.

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    Grace Design Rex Roxi high-quality microphone preamp pedal effects loop boost

    Grace Design introduce Rex & Roxi preamp pedals

    Acclaimed preamps available in pedal format

    Grace Design's latest offerings make their renowned microphone preamps available in pedal format, and include some useful features such as built-in EQ, boost and effects loop facilities.

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    Boss Tube Amp Expander | Audio Examples

    Hear For Yourself

    There are plenty of very heavily distorted examples already out there to be heard, but I’ve gone for some tones that I think challenge the technology a little more.

    Reviews Sep 2019
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    Universal Audio OX

    Guitar Speaker Emulation System

    Don’t have a great-sounding room? Can’t turn your amp up to get the sounds you want? Want to turn down your speaker without sacrificing your tube amp’s tonality? Maybe this changes everything...

    Reviews Sep 2018
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