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Signal Processors

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    Zoom V3

    Zoom V3 announced

    Vocal processor offers real-time harmonies, pitch correction and more

    New vocal processor offers real-time voice effects and manipulation for live performance.

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    Q. Do digital effects always cause problems when used via an aux send?

    I've got a Zoom MS-70CDR [multi-effects] pedal, and a few people are saying not to use it via an aux send and return, owing to a comb-filtering issue. Have you noticed this issue with digital pedals on aux returns?

    Sound Advice Jun 2020
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    Zoom GFX8

    Guitar Effects Processor

    John Walden puts his foot down to test-drive Zoom's GFX8 floor-mounted guitar direct recording and effects processor.

    Reviews Sep 2000
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    Zoom RFX1000 & RFX2000

    Multi-effects Processors

    Paul White puts away his expensive toys to try out a couple of low-cost studio effects from Zoom, but does he still have fun?

    Reviews Jan 2000
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    Zoom RFX300

    Effects Unit

    Paul White foresakes his towering effects rack for a budget processor that looks for all the world as though it would float in the bath!

    Reviews Nov 1999
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    Zoom Studio 1201

    Multi-effects Processor

    Paul White finds that Zoom's entry-level, sub-£100 effects box has hidden depths.

    Reviews Sep 1997
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    Zoom Studio 1204

    Effects Unit

    The budget effects market's looking increasingly crowded, with £199 as the new entry-level price norm. Does Zoom's 1204, which features unusual effects not normally found at this cost, stand out from the crowd? Derek Johnson finds out.

    Reviews Oct 1996
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    Zoom 1010 Player

    Guitar Effects Processor Pedalboard

    It's cheap, it's cheerful and it's easy to use. Paul White rediscovers the joys of simplicity with Zoom's most affordable guitar multi-effects unit ever.

    Reviews Sep 1995
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    Zoom 9150

    Valve DSP Guitar Multi-effects Processor

    Eventually, pretty much everyone tries to recreate that old vintage valve guitar sound by using an old vintage valve, but Zoom have teamed tube technology with a powerful digital effects DSP to combine the best of old and new. Paul White finds out if the marriage works.

    Reviews Apr 1995
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    Zoom 1202

    Effects Processor

    Paul White tries out Zoom's new super-budget, 'no frills' 1202 effects processor and finds it to be far more veratile than its appearance suggests...

    Reviews Feb 1995
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    Zoom 9002 Pro

    Advanced Guitar Effects Processor

    Paul White checks out the latest incarnation of the Zoom 9002, which includes updated circuitry, digital noise reduction, a built-in tuner and a metronome.

    Reviews Jul 1994
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    Zoom 9050S

    Advanced Instrument Effects Processor

    Based on the popular 9030, the Zoom 9050S offers combinations of up to eight simultaneous effects from a repertoire of 55 effect types. Paul White investigates the need for speed.

    Reviews Apr 1994
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