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Signal Processors

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    Q. How does a compressor work?

    Could you explain (slowly!) the basic principles of how a compressor works, and what each control does, the ratio control in particular?

    Sound Advice Mar 2004
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    Alesis CLX440

    Compressor/Expander Limiter

    Although it features a familiar analogue-style control interface, the CLX440 has a digital interior that allows it to offer advantages such as a 'Look Ahead' facility more commonly found in plug-in processors.

    Reviews Sep 2002
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    Alesis Air FX

    Multi-effects Processor

    Paul White enjoys the creative potential of Alesis' distinctive and highly affordable new interactive effects processor.

    Reviews Jan 2001
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    Expanding Your Effects Horizons: Part 1

    Effects Processing Tips & Tricks

    Most people are familiar with basic reverb, delay and modulation effects, but what lies beyond? In the first part of a new series, Paul White explores the twilight zone of effects processing.

    Techniques Nov 2000
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    Alesis Q20

    Stereo Multi-effects Unit

    Paul White meets the latest version of Alesis' Quadraverb concept, and finds it respendent with 20-bit I/O, improved digital and analogue interfacing, and a proper internal PSU.

    Reviews Dec 1998
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    Where To Use Processors & Why: Part 5

    Delay & Echo

    Delay, originally called echo, is one of the oldest artificial effects, yet it can still be one of the most impressive — if used with care. Paul White explains the potential problems and how to avoid them.

    Techniques Feb 1998
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    Multi-effects Explained: Part 5

    Summing Up

    Paul White concludes his series with an exhortation to unleash your creativity...

    Techniques Nov 1997
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    Alesis Wedge

    Reverb Processor

    Paul White checks over the Alesis Wedge and finds that, despite its simplicity, its not the thin end of the reverb.

    Reviews Sep 1997
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    Alesis Nano Compressor

    Stereo Compressor/Limiter

    Paul White plugs in the smallest compressor he has ever encountered, and finds that there's nothing small about the sound.

    Reviews Mar 1997
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    Alesis Nanoverb

    Mini Digital Effects Unit

    This is the smallest and least costly reverb unit Alesis have ever produced. Paul White finds out whether you can mind the quality and still feel the width!

    Reviews Aug 1996
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    Alesis Microverb IV


    Alesis reverbs seem to get ever-more cheap and cheerful. But can low price and simplicity go hand in hand with studio-quality performance? Paul White finds out.

    Reviews Mar 1996
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    Alesis MidiVerb IV

    Multi-effects Processor

    Alesis' Midiverb was a big hit with cost-conscious studio musicians when it was first launched back in the mid '80s. Now Paul White assesses whether the Midiverb 4 is still first among sequels...

    Reviews Feb 1995
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    Alesis Q2

    Multi-effects Processor

    Paul White finally gets his hands on the long-awaited big brother to the Alesis Quadraverb and Quadraverb+.

    Reviews Oct 1994
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