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Signal Processors

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    LA Audio EQX2

    Parametric EQ

    Does the world need another budget parametric equalizer? Paul White discovers that it never had that many in the first place.

    Reviews Sep 1997
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    LA Audio Millennium MPX1

    Mic Processor

    Voice channels are gaining in popularity with the rise of digital, providing an easy way of recording high-quality signals without having to go through a mixer. Paul White rates the latest in the breed.

    Reviews Aug 1997
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    LA Audio GCX2

    2-channel Compressor/Gate

    This UK-designed and built processor offers two channels of easy-to-use compression and gating for under £200. Paul White's backing Britain.

    Reviews Feb 1997
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    LA Audio Classic Channel

    Single-channel Preamp/Compressor/EQ

    LA Audio have taken the best bits from their mic preamps, compressors and equalisers to create a dedicated, single channel mic/line processor. Paul White patches it in.

    Reviews Nov 1996
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    LA Audio 4x4

    4-channel Dual Filter Noise Gate Compressor

    Always ready for some off-road action, Paul White scrambles for his XLR adaptors and test drives LA Audio's latest incarnation of the 4x4.

    Reviews Jul 1996
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    LA Audio 4G

    4-channel Frequency Conscious Noise Gate

    Some ingenious filtering and noise reduction possibilities combine with four channels of frequency-conscious noise gating to make this new studio processor more than meets the eye. Paul White investigates.

    Reviews Apr 1994
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    LA Audio 4C

    Quad Compressor Limiter

    Whenever LA Audio design a new processor, they seem to take the Swiss Army Knife approach, kitting it out with a host of practical add-ons to increase its usefulness. So Paul White wasn't too surprised to find that the 4c is more than just a quad compressor...

    Reviews Feb 1994
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