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Signal Processors

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    Radial HDI

    DI Box & Distortion Processor

    This studio DI box goes further than most, adding character to a range of sources.

    Reviews Aug 2020
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    NAMM 2020 — Radial Engineering HDI

    DI with Jenson Output Transformer

    Radial Engineering launch the HDI DI with Jenson Output Transformer.

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    Radial ToneBone JDX Direct Drive

    Guitar Amp Simulator & DI Box

    Designed to allow the guitarist to produce familiar amped tones without the need for an actual amplifier, Radial’s ToneBone JDX Direct Drive emulates the tonal coloration of a guitar amplifier/speaker combination.

    Reviews Jun 2017
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    Radial Regency

    Pre-Drive Boost & Drive Pedal

    Rather than offer a straightforward overdrive pedal, the Regency Pre-Drive combines a clean signal level booster with a separate, more restrained drive section.

    Reviews May 2017
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    Radial Engineering Tossover

    Variable Frequency Divider

    The Tossover’s thoughtful approach to routing and filtering should leave your processing options limited only by your imagination.

    Reviews Mar 2015
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    Radial Komit

    500-series Compressor

    The secret of Radial's excellent reputation is simple: design excellent products, and build them well.

    Reviews Jan 2013
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    Radial Workhorse

    Modular Processing & Summing System

    With API’s 500-series 'Lunchbox' format becoming ever more popular, it was almost inevitable that someone would try to improve on the standard...

    Reviews Sep 2011
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