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Signal Processors

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    Solid State Logic The Bus+

    Dual-channel VCA Compressor & Dynamic EQ

    A stunning overhaul of SSL’s bus compressor, the Bus+ goes much further than most imitators without sophistication undermining ease of use.

    Reviews May 2022
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    SSL The Bus+

    The Bus+ from SSL

    Read our exclusive first review!

    New stereo analogue processor offers compression, dynamic EQ & more.

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    SSL X-Echo

    Delay Plug-in For Mac & Windows

    SSL Native X‑Echo is a tape‑echo plug‑in that’s inspired by the sound of early hardware units, not least the Echoplex...

    Reviews Jan 2022
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    Solid State Logic Fusion

    Stereo Analogue Processor

    This classy stereo processor aims to bring analogue colour to your digital recordings.

    Reviews Dec 2018
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    SSL Fusion analogue colouration box debuted at AES

    Five all-new analogue processors designed to bring life to in-the-box mixes

    We brought you...

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    SSL Fusion aims to bring analogue character to in-the-box mixes

    New 2U processor is designed to add warmth, saturation, depth, width and sparkle

    What does the modern producer or mixer need at the end of their mix bus, besides a compressor? SSL think they have the answer in the shape of Fusion, their brand new 2U rackmount analogue processor.

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    SSL X-Patch

    Studio Router

    Creating complex routing chains in a hybrid DAW/outboard setup presents its own set of problems — to which Solid State Logic offer this solution...

    Reviews Feb 2011
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    SSL Duende Mini

    DSP Plug-in Processor

    The sound of an SSL console is now available in an even smaller package - and at a smaller price.

    Reviews May 2008
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    SSL XLogic X-Rack

    Modular Hardware Processors

    The X-Rack system makes SSL's large console technology much more accessible - so much so that we were reluctant to send it back!

    Reviews Oct 2007
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    SSL Duende

    DSP Plug-in Processor

    This sleek silver box promises to bring all the mixing power of a 32-channel SSL console into your computer recording setup.

    Reviews Aug 2006
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    SSL XLogic G-series Compressor

    Dynamics Processor

    The celebrated mix-buss compressor design from the G-series consoles has been brought up to date using SSL's latest Superanalogue circuitry.

    Reviews Feb 2006
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