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Signal Processors

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    Boss NS-1X Noise Suppressor gate high-gain guitar tone effects pedal

    Boss introduce NS-1X Noise Suppressor

    Silences noise without affecting tone

    Boss’ latest X series pedal uses the company’s Multi-Dimensional Processing technology to intelligently silence noise without any negative effects on tone. 

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    Boss ME-90 multi-effects guitar pedal amp cabinet simulator impulse response loader

    Boss announce ME-90 multi-effects pedal

    All-in-one pedal provides stompbox-style control

    Boss’ new ME-90 multi-effects pedal combines amp modelling and impulse response loading with a range of effects derived from their flagship GT-1000 unit.

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    Boss SDE-3000D SDE-3000EVH guitar delay pedal stereo wet dry Eddie Van Halen EVH signature

    Boss launch SDE-3000D & SDE-3000EVH delay pedals

    Standard & Eddie Van Halen signature models available

    The latest delay pedals from Boss emulate the sound of the Roland SDE-3000 Digital Delay, with one model offering an authentic recreation of Eddie Van Halen's live amp and effects setup.

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    Boss SL-2 Slicer compact SL-20 chopped loop percussive pattern effects pedal

    Boss release SL-2 Slicer

    Compact version of SL-20

    The SL-2 Slicer from Boss offers some of the features and sound capability of their SL-20 in a more compact, pedalboard-friendly form factor. 

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    Boss DS-1W Waza Craft Distortion guitar pedal

    Boss release DS-1W Distortion

    Modern take on a classic distortion pedal

    The latest addition to the Boss Waza Craft pedal family is an updated version of their legendary DS-1 Distortion unit. 

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    Boss Space Echoes

    Two new Space Echo pedals from Boss

    True stereo tape echo pedals unveiled

    RE-202 and RE-2 emulate the sound of Roland's classic tape delay & spring reverb unit

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