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Sound On Sound Podcasts — three dedicated channels each with their own series of episodes to keep you entertained throughout the month.

  • The Recording & Mixing channel takes the practical approach and will keep you inspired with expert production tricks and tips.
  • The Electronic Music channel is for everyone passionate about synthesizers, samplers and the world of electronic music.
  • The People & Music Industry channel features the great and good in engineering, production and manufacturing.

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    Graham Massey 808 State on stage

    Graham Massey - 808 State | Podcast

    Electronic Improvisation

    Graham Massey talks about his early days with the formation of 808 State and improvising with electronic instruments, through to current collaborations and favourite creative tools.

    People Mar 2023
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    Don Lewis

    Don Lewis - Programming The DX7 | Podcast

    Creating The DX7 Factory Presets

    Back in November 2020 Don Lewis discussed his time programming the Yamaha DX7’s factory sounds. In the wake of Don’s passing, we decided to publish this excerpt and put on record his important contribution to this iconic synth.

    People Feb 2023
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    Mike Lindup - Level 42

    Mike Lindup - Level 42 And Beyond

    Talks about his new solo album: Changes 2

    Best known as the keyboardist and co-vocalist for Brit-Funk legends, Level 42, we caught up with Mike Lindup ahead of his new solo release, Changes 2.

    People Feb 2023
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    Martyn Ware

    Martyn Ware | Podcast

    Electronically Yours

    Martyn Ware has been at the forefront of the British synth-pop scene since its inception, founding the hugely influential Human League and Heaven 17. This year he released his autobiography, entitled Electronically Yours Vol.1.

    People Jan 2023
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    Robert Henke

    Robert Henke - Visual Music Artist | Podcast

    Co-founder of Ableton

    Robert Henke, electronic visual music artist, software developer and co-founder of Ableton discusses the artist/engineer overlap and how software needs to be accessible to encourage and not hinder the creative process.

    People Dec 2022
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    Electric Indigo - Susanne Kirchmayr

    Electric Indigo | Podcast


    Electric Indigo is an Austrian music producer, Techno DJ and founder of female:pressure, an international network of women in the electronic music industry.

    People Nov 2022
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    Michael Whalen

    Michael Whalen - Imaginary Trains | Podcast

    Michael Whalen talks about performing his latest instrumental album ‘Imaginary Trains’ to a live audience at the EMEAPP museum, using their extensive collection of rare vintage synthesizers.

    People Oct 2022
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    Bob Clearmountain - Engineer | Podcast

    Mixing Atmos

    Grammy Award-winning engineer Bob Clearmountain details his unique approach to mixing music in Dolby Atmos using an analogue desk.

    People Sep 2022
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    Peter Zinovieff

    Peter Zinovieff - A Tribute | Podcast

    Legendary Composer & Synth Designer

    A tribute to the life and works of composer and synth pioneer Peter Zinovieff by James Gardner, featuring interviews with family, co-workers and collaborators.

    People Sep 2022
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    Richard Norris - The Grid

    Richard Norris - The Grid | Podcast

    British Acid House

    Richard Norris talks about his early break into the music industry, success with The Grid in the 90s, his many collaborations, remixes and unexpected career turns.

    People Aug 2022
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    Chiara Luzzana - Sound Designer

    Chiara Luzzana - Sound Designer | Podcast

    Sampling the world

    Chiara Luzzana is a Sound Designer and Composer, known for her use of Zoom field recorders.

    People Jul 2022
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    Aki Mäkivirta, R&D Director at Genelec

    Genelec - Developments In Immersive Audio | Podcast

    GLM Speaker Calibration • Aural ID Headphone Personalisation

    Aki Mäkivirta, R&D Director at Genelec, talks to Sam Inglis about the latest developments in immersive audio, GLM measurement software and Aural ID technology.

    People Jun 2022
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    JJ Jeczalik - Art of Noise

    JJ Jeczalik - Art of Noise | Podcast

    Sampling Pioneer

    JJ Jeczalik emerged as the pre-eminent Fairlight programmer of the 1980s primarily as one fifth of the art-pop collective, Art of Noise, but also in projects ranging from ABC and Dollar to Yes and Malcolm McLaren.

    People Jun 2022
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    Hannah Peel Electronic Music Composer

    Hannah Peel - Sonic Journey | Podcast

    From LIPA To Game Of Thrones

    Hannah Peel, composer, producer and broadcaster, talks to Caro C about her solo record career, including the shortlisted 2021 Mercury Music Prize electronic album, scoring music for Game Of Thrones and her many other diverse projects.

    People May 2022
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    Howard Gray Producer

    Howard Gray - Producer | Podcast

    Engineering Tales From The '80s

    Howard Gray gives us a fascinating look behind the scenes of recording and engineering some of the biggest tracks of the '80s.

    People Apr 2022
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    Matt Johnson - Jamiroquai

    Matt Johnson - Jamiroquai | Podcast

    Jazz Funk keyboard player

    Matt Johnson has emerged as one of the most talented and prolific keyboard players of the last 20 years, mostly as part of the legendary Jamiroquai.

    People Apr 2022
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    Sarah Angliss Composer, Musician and Robotic Artist

    Sarah Angliss - My Electroacoustic World | Podcast

    Composer, Musician, Robotic Artist and Theremin Virtuoso

    Sarah Angliss talks to Caro C about her route into Electronic Music and how she utilises sub-frequencies, robotics, and her own effects in her compositions and live performances.

    People Mar 2022
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    Zoë Blade and Nina Richards

    Creating The Stepper Acid Sequencer | Podcast

    Zoë Blade and Nina Richards

    Zoë Blade and Nina Richards talk about their individual music careers and how they came together to create the Stepper Acid Eurorack Sequencer.

    People Feb 2022
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    Public Service Broadcasting

    Public Service Broadcasting | Podcast

    The Making Of The Bright Magic Album

    J. Wilgoose Esquire, founding member of Public Service Broadcasting, talks about the origins of the band and the surprise success they've enjoyed, and discusses his recording methods, choice of equipment and the technical challenges of performing live.

    People Jan 2022
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    Synth Musician Ian Boddy

    Ian Boddy - Synth Artist | Podcast

    DiN Label's 100th Release: 'Nevermore'

    Rob Puricelli talks to Ian Boddy, who has been a fixture on the electronic music scene for over 40 years, as an artist, a sound designer and a label owner.

    People Dec 2021
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    Synth Gems 1 book author Mike Metley

    Synth Gems 1: Exploring Vintage Synthesizers | Podcast

    Interview with book author Mike Metlay

    Synth Gems 1 sets out to document, both visually and in words, some of the most incredible keyboard synthesizers ever made. Hear how it came to be...

    People Dec 2021


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