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SOS Podcast Channels

Sound On Sound Podcasts — three dedicated channels each with their own series of episodes to keep you entertained throughout the month.

  • The Recording & Mixing channel takes the practical approach and will keep you inspired with expert production tricks and tips.
  • The Electronic Music channel is for everyone passionate about synthesizers, samplers and the world of electronic music.
  • The People & Music Industry channel features the great and good in engineering, production and manufacturing.

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    David Mellor - Audio Masterclass Course Director

    Mic Polar Patterns - Part 1 | Podcast

    Understanding which Microphone to use

    In the first of this two-part series, David Mellor gives us an introduction to mic polar patterns.

    Sound Advice Mar 2024
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    David Mellor - Audio Masterclass Course Director

    Mic Polar Patterns - Part 2 | Podcast

    Cardioid, Supercardioid, Figure of 8 and Omnidirectional compared

    A valuable test for recording engineers, David Mellor gives examples of different mic types to emphasise the importance of knowing your mic collection in detail.

    Sound Advice Mar 2024
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    Professor Rob Toulson

    Drum Science - Part 3 | Podcast

    Mic positions for recording

    In the final part of this series, Rob Toulson focuses on mic techniques for recording drums and talks us through the issue of frequency cancellation in a multiple mic setup, details how to choose the recording sweet spot in a room and explains the various stereo mic options that are available including the famous Glyn Johns technique.

    Sound Advice Dec 2023
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    Professor Rob Toulson

    Drum Science - Part 2 | Podcast

    Optimising drums for recording

    Rob Toulson explains how to optimise the drum sound for recording by experimenting with drum head, damping system, tuning and drum shell combinations.

    Sound Advice Nov 2023
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    Professor Rob Toulson

    Drum Science - Part 1 | Podcast

    The Science of Drum Sound

    In Part 1, we look at the key principles of drum acoustics and discuss some scientific aspects of drums with respect to making music and creative recording projects.

    Sound Advice Oct 2023
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    Paul White

    A History Of Guitar Synths | Podcast

    Evolution of the guitar synthesizer

    Paul White takes us through the history and evolution of guitar synths, from early attempts at creating onboard sounds and audio-to-MIDI pickups, through to using pedals and plug-ins to emulate synth effects.

    Sound Advice Apr 2023
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