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    Paul White - Executive Editor

    Creative Use Of Auto-Tune | Podcast

    7 Tips For Creating Soundscapes

    Paul White explains the basics of Auto-Tune and demonstrates 7 tips to help you create a variety of alternative textured soundscapes.

    Techniques Jul 2021
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    Eddie Bazil of Samplecraze

    Using Dynamic EQ | Podcast

    Expert Production Tips

    Eddie Bazil takes us through some of the different uses for Dynamic EQ, including enhancing drums and vocals and separating elements within a mix.

    Techniques Jun 2021
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    Eddie Bazil - Tutor

    Using Delay Effects | Podcast

    Expert Production Tips

    Eddie Bazil of Samplecraze explores the various ways that delay effects can be used and applies these techniques to a finished composition.

    Techniques May 2021
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    Eddie Bazil - Production Engineer

    Using Phaser Effects | Podcast

    Expert Production Tips

    Eddie Bazil gives us an introduction into the creative use of Phasers, with practical examples using drums, vocals and synth pads.

    Techniques Apr 2021
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    Mike Senior Recording & Mixing Podcast logo

    What Are Haas Delays & How Do I Best Use Them? | Podcast

    Expert Tracking & Mixing Tips

    Mike Senior explores the subject of Haas delays at mixdown, explaining how they work, how to get the best out of them, and how to avoid the most common traps associated with them.

    Techniques Jul 2020
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