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    Richard Wear - Interfacio

    Pro-Audio Careers | Podcast

    Richard Wear of Interfacio talks about the opportunities that exist within the pro-audio industry and how to improve your chances of finding a career within this field. 

    Music Business Jan 2021
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    Mark Mynett - Senior Lecturer in Music Technology and Production at Huddersfield University

    Mark Mynett: Music/Recording Technology Courses | Podcast

    Record Producer/Engineer Turned Lecturer

    Mark Mynett, Senior Lecturer in Music Technology and Production at Huddersfield University, talks about selecting the right course and the vital importance of real-world experience and networking in order to develop a successful music industry career. 

    People Oct 2020
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    Steve Levine in his Liverpool studio, early 2020.

    Steve Levine | Podcast

    Getting Started In The Music Industry

    Recent graduate Felipe Gutierrez chats to Steve Levine at his Liverpool studio about careers in the music industry, how to encourage good performances from your artists, and utilising whatever tech you have available in the recording process.

    Music Business Jul 2020
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