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    Ross Orton - Producer

    Ross Orton - Producer | Podcast

    Creating A Drum-centric Studio

    Ross Orton talks to Nigel Humberstone about his transition from playing drums with Jarvis Cocker into the world of production, remixing and songwriting. His steel city stories include working with Arctic Monkeys & Working Men’s Club.

    People Sep 2020
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    Dom Morley Producer

    Dom Morley - Recording & Mixing Vocals | Podcast

    Engineer Producer

    Grammy Award-winning engineer and producer Dom Morley chats with Sam Inglis about the art and craft of recording and mixing vocals.

    Techniques Sep 2020
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     Mike Senior Podcast

    Improving Your Mixes With Distortion | Podcast

    Expert Tracking & Mixing Tips

    Distortion can be a surprisingly useful mix effect, if you know what you're doing. Mike Senior reveals several common applications, and explains how to get the best results in practice.

    Techniques Sep 2020
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    Manny Fernandez

    Manny Fernandez - From DX to MODX | Podcast

    Programming Yamaha FM Synths

    Dr Manny Fernandez has been heavily involved in development and programming for Yamaha and is best known for his FM and Physical Modelling work through their glory years of new synthesis technologies in the DX7II, SY77/99, VL1, VP1, EX5, AN1x and FS1R. More recently he has been working with the Reface DX, Montage and MODX.

    People Sep 2020
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