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    Nainita Desai in her studio

    Nainita Desai - Film Composer | Podcast

    From Foley to Peter Gabriel to Netflix

    Nainita Desai chats about her distinguished career, from her beginnings as a foley artist right through to becoming a busy and successful award-winning composer.

    People Oct 2020
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    Mark Mynett - Senior Lecturer in Music Technology and Production at Huddersfield University

    Mark Mynett: Music/Recording Technology Courses | Podcast

    Record Producer/Engineer Turned Lecturer

    Mark Mynett, Senior Lecturer in Music Technology and Production at Huddersfield University, talks about selecting the right course and the vital importance of real-world experience and networking in order to develop a successful music industry career. 

    People Oct 2020
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    Mike Senior Podcast

    Spill Can Be Your Friend! | Podcast

    Expert Tracking & Mixing Tips

    In this episode, Mike Senior demonstrates several ways spill can actually improve the sound of your productions.

    Techniques Oct 2020
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