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    30-channel PCI-Express Card

    RME’s PCIe audio interface card gets a major overhaul.

    Reviews Jul 2021
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    Roland VS8F3

    Plug-in DSP Card For VS Multitrackers

    This new card narrows the gap between Roland's VS-series machines and computer recording systems by allowing the use of third-party plug-ins within the multitracker environment. We test the card, its bundled plug-ins, and the first of the brand-name offerings from Universal Audio.

    Reviews Aug 2005
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    M-Audio Audiophile 192

    192kHz PC/Mac Soundcard

    The simple idea of providing high-quality stereo I/O with well-written drivers helped M-Audio sell bucketloads of their original Audiophile soundcard. Its successor ups the ante in every respect, providing better sound quality, balanced I/O, dedicated monitor outputs and 192kHz support.

    Reviews Mar 2005
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    ESI Pro Julia

    PC/Mac Soundcard

    With its clever reversible analogue I/O section plus comprehensive, multi-client driver support, ESI's Julia is not your average stereo soundcard.

    Reviews Jan 2005
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    Emu 0404

    PCI Soundcard

    Emu have already taken the market by storm with their range of affordable, high-performance soundcards, and their new stereo PCI card offers impressive features and audio specifications at a budget price.

    Reviews Sep 2004
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    Audiotrak Maya 44 MkII

    PC Soundcard

    If you need four analogue inputs and outputs, Audiotrak's 24-bit/96kHz-capable soundcard is about the most affordable option on the market.

    Reviews Aug 2004
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    Emulator X Studio

    1820M • 1820 • 1212M PC Soundcard & Software Sampler

    Emu's range of soundcards offers an unprecedented level of flexibility, DSP power and sound quality for the price — with the added bonus of a very impressive software sampler.

    Reviews Jun 2004
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    Echo Indigo IO

    PCMCIA Audio Interface For PC/Mac Laptops

    Echo's original Indigo was perfect for those who wanted to add a high-quality audio output to their laptop without taking up more space. The new IO version adds a stereo input and multi-client drivers, increasing its appeal even more.

    Reviews Apr 2004
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    RME HDSP 9632

    192kHz PCI Soundcard [PC/Mac]

    RME's latest PCI soundcard is their first to support 192kHz sample rates, and offers a different balance of features compared with their existing Hammerfall cards.

    Reviews Nov 2003
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    Creative Labs Audigy 2 ZS

    PC Soundcard

    Creative Labs have updated their popular Audigy 2 soundcard, improving its audio performance and adding new features.

    Reviews Oct 2003
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    M-Audio Audiophile USB

    USB Audio & MIDI Interface [Mac & PC]

    M-Audio's Audiophile PCI card is already a popular choice for musicians who require high-quality audio I/O. Now those without PCI slots can access similar features, thanks to this new USB version.

    Reviews Sep 2003
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    SEK'D Prodif 88

    24-bit/96kHz AES-EBU Digital Audio Card

    Among audio professionals, the electronic AES-EBU format is widely used for digital audio transfer. The SEK'D Prodif 88 soundcard equips Windows PCs with eight channels of AES in and out at up to 24-bit/96kHz.

    Reviews Aug 2003
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    Audiotrak Prodigy

    24-bit/192kHz PC Soundcard

    Launched under their Audiotrak badge, ESI's Prodigy 192 audio card provides support for 24-bit and 192kHz audio plus optional digital and MIDI I/O. But the really good news for software-based musicians is that it also provides a low-cost route to the company's EWDM drivers and Direct Wire technology.

    Reviews Aug 2003
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    Echo Indigo

    PCMCIA Headphone Output For Laptop Computers

    Your laptop computer probably already has a headphone output — but does it offer low-latency 24-bit ASIO, GSIF, MME, Direct Sound and Core Audio drivers? Echo's Indigo does.

    Reviews Jul 2003
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    RME Hammerfall DSP 9652

    Soundcard [Mac & PC]

    RME have added MIDI I/O and extensive DSP facilities to their well-regarded Hammerfall digital soundcard. Will the new Hammerfall DSP keep its place as a benchmark for audio interface design?

    Reviews Jul 2003
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    Creative Labs Audigy 2 Platinum EX

    PC Soundcard

    As ever, Creative Labs' latest PC soundcard promises a lot of features for £200. But does it deliver the kind of performance that musicians need?

    Reviews Apr 2003
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    ESI Pro Waveterminal 192M

    10-channel 96/192kHz Digital Audio Interface [Mac & PC]

    Price barriers continue to tumble in the soundcard market, as ESI Pro introduce an interface offering four analogue inputs and eight outputs, plus digital I/O, two mic preamps and 192kHz playback, for under £200.

    Reviews Mar 2003
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    ST Audio DSP24 Media 7.1

    PC Audio & MIDI Interface

    ST Audio's recording interface provides multi-channel, multi-client audio I/O, as well as MIDI In and Out and full 24-bit/96kHz capability, for a highly affordable £230.

    Reviews Jan 2003
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    Echo Mona & Layla 24 Laptop

    PCMCIA Recording Interfaces [PC/Mac]

    Despite the obvious attractions of portable recording systems based around laptop computers, high-quality compatible audio hardware is scarce. That looks set to change, however, now that Echo Audio have adapted their popular Mona and Layla 24 interfaces for laptop use.

    Reviews Jun 2002
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    Lynx Studio Technology Lynx Two

    Soundcard For PC And Mac

    No expense has been spared in the design of Lynx Studio Technology's latest soundcard, which adds 192kHz capability to remarkable sound quality, bringing it into real competition with high-end, stand-alone converter boxes.

    Reviews Mar 2002
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    TC Works PowerCore v1.5

    DSP Effects Card [Mac/PC]

    TC's DSP-powered effects board has been upgraded, and now includes a much more impressive plug-in bundle.

    Reviews Mar 2002


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