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    RME DIGI 96/8 PAD

    Soundcard For PC & Mac

    RME's DIGI range of soundcards offers comprehensive cross-platform support, high audio quality and lots of extras, such as digital format conversion.

    Reviews Feb 2002
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    Creative Labs Audigy Platinum EX PC Soundcard

    The ultimate soundcard for high-end musicians? Creative Labs' Soundblaster products may have dominated the consumer soundcard market, but can they take the next step up with its successor?

    Reviews Nov 2001
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    Universal Audio UAD1

    Plug-in DSP Card For PC

    A new wave of dedicated DSP cards is helping computer musicians boost their plug-in power. The latest to appear is Universal Audio's UAD1, which offers recreations of vintage compressors as well as a high-quality reverb.

    Reviews Oct 2001
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    Echo Mia PC Soundcard

    Martin Walker tests an inexpensive, high-quality soundcard which uses virtual outputs to allow multiple PC applications to share its hardware outputs.

    Reviews Jun 2001
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    M Audio Audiophile 24/96 & Terratec BWX 24/96


    Many musicians with computer-based studios don't need lots of inputs and outputs, but that doesn't mean they're happy to put up with poor audio quality and design compromises of consumer soundcards. However a new type of affordable, high-quality soundcard is now emerging to meet this need. Martin Walker puts two or the leading candidates to the test.

    Reviews Apr 2001
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    Marian Marc 4

    MIDI Soundcard

    A new selection of soundcards from Germany promises excellent audio quality at extremely competitive prices, with a selection of I/O options to suit most buyers. Martin Walker tries out the first model in the Marian range.

    Reviews Mar 2001
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    Lynx Studio Technology Lynx One

    PC Soundcard

    Despite the ever-increasing number of PC recording cards on the market, there's one particular niche that has remained unaddressed, for years. Martin Walker tries out a product that, at last, fills the gap.

    Reviews Nov 2000
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    SEKD Siena

    PC Soundcard

    SEKD pioneered the development of 24-bit/96kHz soundcards for PCs, and their lead has been followed up enthusiastically by other manufacturers. Does the new Sienna have the features to take them back to the top of the pile? Martin Walker finds out.

    Reviews Jul 2000
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    Digigram VXPocket

    Laptop Digital Audio Card

    Laptop computers have tended to be difficult to use for music, one of the main problems being their limited or non-existant audio I/O. Vo Fletcher tries out a product which eliminates this shortcoming.

    Reviews Feb 2000
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    Terratec Audiosystem EWS64 XXL

    PC Soundcard

    Terratec's EWS64 XL caused a stir in the world of soundcards last your by offering a built-in 64-note polyphonic sampler. The new XXL now adds the internal organs of Waldorf's classic Microwave XT synth. Martin Walker decides whether these impressive parts make a convincing whole.

    Reviews Jul 1999
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    Guillemot Maxi Studio ISIS

    PC Soundcard System

    Guillemot's MAXI Studio ISIS PCI soundcard system for the PC seems to offer a lot of bang for the buck. John Walden dives in to find out what all the flap is about.

    Reviews Jun 1999
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    Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live!

    PCI Soundcard

    Over the years many musicians have got started with a low-cost Creative Labs soundcard, but the latest upmarket Soundblaster Live! model is even more tempting. Martin Walker checks out the specs.

    Reviews May 1999
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    Trancewaves Vol. 1 Wavestation Soundcard

    In contemporary music terms, the Korg Wavestation is verging on the antique, yet it still has the capacity to surprise and...

    Reviews Nov 1998
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    Turtle Beach Montego A3D

    Xtream PC Soundcard

    If you like playing the odd game, but still want quality audio when writing music, Martin Walker believes the Turtle Beach Montego could provide the best of both worlds.

    Reviews Nov 1998
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    Midiman Dman 2044

    PC Soundcard

    If audio performance and price are higher on your list of desirable soundcard features than bells and whistles, Midiman's Dman 2044 could be just the job. Martin Walker discovers a 4-input card that's as easy on the wallet as it is on the ear.

    Reviews Jun 1998
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    Mediatrix Audiotrix 3DXG


    In a market already awash with soundcards, it takes a clever company to find a niche that hasn't already been filled. Martin Walker finds out what tricks this new card has up its anti-static sleeve.

    Reviews May 1998
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    Terratec Audiosystem EWS64

    XL PC Soundcard

    With a feature list longer than most people's arms, the EWS64 XL has whetted plenty of appetites. Martin Walker dismantles his PC once again in the search for the ultmate soundcard.

    Reviews Mar 1998
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    Creative Labs AWE64

    Gold Soundcard

    How much more can Creative cram onto a single PC Soundcard? Paul White finds out.

    Reviews Jul 1997
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    Turtle Beach Systems Multisound Pinnacle & Fiji

    PC Soundcards

    Turtle Beach have a reputation for producing some of the best PC soundcards available, and the new loftily-named Multisound Pinnacle and Fiji cards have been eagerly awaited since their predecessors, the high-spec Tahiti and Multisound Classic cards, were discontinued. Janet Harniman-Cook scales new heights...

    Reviews Mar 1997
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    Guillemot Maxi Sound 64

    PC Soundcard

    The Maxi Sound 64 is a new Plug and Play full-duplex soundcard with some pretty tasty features, cooked up by French company Guillemot International. Martin Walker tucks in.

    Reviews Feb 1997
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    Yamaha DB50XG

    PC Soundcard Daughter Board

    When a musical giant like Yamaha start putting their name to daughter boards, you know something's up. Yet the DB50XG harnesses your PC soundcard's processing power as never before. Panicos Georghiades and Gabriel Jacobs dig the new breed...

    Reviews May 1996


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