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    Q. Do I need a new soundcard to work with my 64-bit PC?

    I need a new soundcard, as I'm upgrading to a 64-bit system, and I've been looking at M-Audio's Delta 1010 and Delta 1010LT. What's the difference between them and will they work with my new machine?

    Sound Advice Aug 2006
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    Q. How can I make use of my interface's ADAT I/O?

    I have an Emu 1820M audio interface and I would like to get more simultaneous inputs into my DAW software using the Emu...

    Sound Advice Jul 2006
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    Q. Where can I find drivers for my Audiotrix soundcard?

    I'd like to get my most excellent Mediatrix Audiotrix 3D-3G soundcard going with Windows XP Professional. Is there a possibility of locating drivers for it?

    Sound Advice Mar 2005
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    Q. What is the whining noise coming from my soundcard?

    I noticed a quiet high-pitched whine coming from my Tannoy Reveal Active monitors, which are plugged into my Spirit Folio F14 mixer. Eventually I found that the whine stops when I press the button on my Edirol DA2496 soundcard to select an external word clock. I would rather get to the source of the problem and sort it out. Can you help?

    Sound Advice Sep 2004
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    Q. How can I get rid of clicks and pops from my soundcard?

    I've recently upgraded to an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 soundcard, and I'm having some problems. Firstly, I cannot change the level of the line input. So if the CD player outputs audio at too high a volume, I get clipping and distortion, no matter where I set the sliders in the Delta control panel applet...

    Sound Advice Apr 2004
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    Echo Darla 20 sound card.

    Q. How can I achieve zero latency from my software synths?

    I have an Echo Darla20 soundcard and I'm concerned about the possibility of achieving zero latency when I'm using soft synths like those in Reason. Can you give me any advice?

    Sound Advice Mar 2004
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    Choosing & Installing PC Soundcards

    PC Musician

    Martin Walker offers some practical advice on choosing soundcards that will work in modern PCs without falling foul of chipset or driver compatibility problems.

    Sound Advice Aug 2001
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    Q. Why aren't my SB Live! and EMU APS soundcards compatible?

    I own an Emu Audio Production Studio PCI soundcard system, which I use with my 600MHz Pentium III PC. I used to own a...

    Sound Advice Dec 2000
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    Soundcard Recording

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Martin Walker answers some of the most common queries about setting up and using your soundcard, and achieving the best audio quality.

    Sound Advice Nov 1999
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    Understanding & Using Multi-client Soundcard Drivers


    Attaching several different applications to a single MIDI or Audio device can be very useful — once you've worked out how to do it! Martin Walker guides you through the procedure and points out the varied uses of the multi-client approach.

    Sound Advice Nov 1999
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    PC Soundcard Buyer's Guide: Part 2

    Multi-channel Cards

    If you want to move the heady heights of true multitrack recording on your PC, there are plenty of rival systems on the market. Martin Walker looks at what you need to consider in making your purchase decision, and rounds up the alternatives.

    Sound Advice Mar 1998
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    PC Soundcard Buyer's Guide: Part 1

    Stereo Cards

    If you're thinking of buying a PC soundcard specifically for HD recording, you'll find the market awash with models old and new. Martin Walker provides an overview of what's currently available.

    Sound Advice Feb 1998
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