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    Audio Recording Using A PC Soundcard

    Basic Principles

    As with any recording system, the first goal of recording on a PC is to preserve as faithful a copy of the source sound as possible. Achieving this, however can be a complicated business. Martin Walker goes back to basics.

    Techniques Jul 2001
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    Using Multiple Soundcards For PC Music

    Tips & Tricks

    Running two or three soundcards simultaneously can greatly increase the power and flexibility of your PC but it can also lead to serious conflicts. Martin Walker leads you through the pitfalls.

    Techniques Feb 1999
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    Yamaha DB50XG

    PC Soundcard Daughter Board

    When a musical giant like Yamaha start putting their name to daughter boards, you know something's up. Yet the DB50XG harnesses your PC soundcard's processing power as never before. Panicos Georghiades and Gabriel Jacobs dig the new breed...

    Reviews May 1996
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    Yamaha Sound Edge

    PC Soundcard

    With Roland and Korg already in the soundcard market, this Yamaha offering has been a long time comming. Was it worth the wait? Panicos Georghiades reports.

    Reviews Sep 1995
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