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    Rightmark's Audio Analyser provides a simple way to assess various aspects of the audio performance of your PC soundcard and compare it to others, and best of all, it's freeware.

    Testing & Improving PC Soundcard Audio Performance

    Clear Signals

    An hour spent fine-tuning the performance of your soundcard can yield permanent improvements in background noise, distortion levels and frequency response.

    Techniques Nov 2002
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    Choosing & Installing PC Soundcards

    PC Musician

    Martin Walker offers some practical advice on choosing soundcards that will work in modern PCs without falling foul of chipset or driver compatibility problems.

    Sound Advice Aug 2001
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    Audio Recording Using A PC Soundcard

    Basic Principles

    As with any recording system, the first goal of recording on a PC is to preserve as faithful a copy of the source sound as possible. Achieving this, however can be a complicated business. Martin Walker goes back to basics.

    Techniques Jul 2001
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    Soundcard Recording

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Martin Walker answers some of the most common queries about setting up and using your soundcard, and achieving the best audio quality.

    Sound Advice Nov 1999
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    Understanding & Using Multi-client Soundcard Drivers


    Attaching several different applications to a single MIDI or Audio device can be very useful — once you've worked out how to do it! Martin Walker guides you through the procedure and points out the varied uses of the multi-client approach.

    Sound Advice Nov 1999
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    Using Multiple Soundcards For PC Music

    Tips & Tricks

    Running two or three soundcards simultaneously can greatly increase the power and flexibility of your PC but it can also lead to serious conflicts. Martin Walker leads you through the pitfalls.

    Techniques Feb 1999
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    PC Soundcard Buyer's Guide: Part 2

    Multi-channel Cards

    If you want to move the heady heights of true multitrack recording on your PC, there are plenty of rival systems on the market. Martin Walker looks at what you need to consider in making your purchase decision, and rounds up the alternatives.

    Sound Advice Mar 1998
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    PC Soundcard Buyer's Guide: Part 1

    Stereo Cards

    If you're thinking of buying a PC soundcard specifically for HD recording, you'll find the market awash with models old and new. Martin Walker provides an overview of what's currently available.

    Sound Advice Feb 1998
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    AWE32 Soundcard

    PC Notes

    Brian Heywood hails the arrival of Windows 95, and passes on some hints for getting digital sound out of your AWE32 soundcard.

    Techniques Oct 1995
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