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    Studio Tour: MØXE, Nashville

    Video Feature

    Multi-instrumentalist and producer Jordan Hamlin leads us on a tour of MØXE, taking in some ingenious and hand-made acoustic treatment, and she explains the design and ethos behind this unique, residential recording facility outside of Nashville, TN.

    Music Business Sep 2018
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    Question de Son, Paris

    Studio File

    The recording industry has always been a tough business, especially for studios located in larger cities. Too many famous...

    Music Business Mar 2018
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    LowSwing Studio, Berlin

    Studio File

    Berlin has become a major hub for the creative industries in recent years, and its importance extends far beyond German or...

    Music Business Nov 2017
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    Atlantis Studios, Stockholm

    Studio File

    Housed in an old cinema in Stockholm, Atlantis Studios is a very special place even by the standards of our Studio File series.

    Music Business Nov 2014
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    The Magic Shop, New York

    Studio File

    The Magic Shop is not the oldest studio in New York, yet it is one of the few major recording venues left in Manhattan. Over...

    Music Business Jan 2014
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    Village Recorders, Los Angeles

    Studio File

    These days, many top studios cater to a major-label clientele, and offer a rather streamlined approach. Happily, there is...

    Music Business Nov 2013
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    Tori Amos

    Inside Her Martian Engineering Studio

    Over the last decade, some extraordinary music has emerged from Tori Amos's Martian Engineering studio. A new box set collects together the highlights, while the studio itself is soon to open to paying customers.

    People Feb 2007
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