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Studio Stories

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    Real World Studios main room.

    SOS visits Real World Studios


    We go behind the scenes at Real World and meet the team who help make it one of the world’s premier recording facilities. Peter Gabriel’s personal engineer Dickie Chappell also gives us an exclusive sneak peek into Peter’s writing room and recording process.

    People Oct 2021
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    Distant City Studios

    A Drum Room With A Difference!

    [VIDEO] If you want a better drum sound, you can change the drummer, or the mics, or the drum kit... but what about the room?

    People Jan 2021
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    Why I Love... Well-run Studios

    Dave Stewart

    When a studio also has helpful staff, talented engineers and clued-up assistants, the whole experience is a joy.

    People Oct 2020
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    Creating A Virtual Studio Tour

    Video Feature

    To attract talent from around the world, Johann Scheerer has created an interactive online tour of his world-class Clouds Hill Studios facility in Hamburg. In this month’s SOS video feature, Johann and his team explain how they used virtual reality and immersive audio to bring the studio’s unique ambience to life.

    People Jan 2018
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    The Story Of The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

    Founded in 1958

    50 years ago this month, the most celebrated electronic music studio in the world was established. We trace the history of the Radiophonic Workshop, talking to the composers and technical staff who helped to create its unique body of work.

    People Apr 2008
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    Tori Amos

    Inside Her Martian Engineering Studio

    Over the last decade, some extraordinary music has emerged from Tori Amos's Martian Engineering studio. A new box set collects together the highlights, while the studio itself is soon to open to paying customers.

    People Feb 2007
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    Massive Attack's New Studio

    Robert Del Naja & Neil Davidge

    Production pioneers Massive Attack are going through exciting times — they've built an awesome recording studio, moved into surround soundtrack work, and they have a new album on the way. We take a spin around their new workspace.

    People Oct 2005
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    Andrea Terrano: Iguana Studio


    SOS visits reader Andrea Terrano, who has turned the empty shell of a South London industrial unit into an impressive studio complex.

    People Oct 2005
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    Steve Albini

    Sound Engineer Extraordinaire

    Steve Albini has become a legend in the world of alternative music by championing traditional engineering skills, respecting the opinions of the artists he records, and doing business ethically.

    People Sep 2005
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    Recording The Neptunes

    Andrew Coleman & Hovercraft Studios

    It's not a bad gig being chief engineer to the world's hottest production duo, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo. But it takes a lot of hard work to keep up with The Neptunes...

    People Jul 2005
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    Readerzone: Chunc Productions

    Shaun Hayward & Joe Kenny

    Shaun Hayward & Joe Kenny of Chunc Productions reveal their gear setup and musical motivations.

    People Jul 2004
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    John Hackett & Andy Wood

    We visit two readers who have set up a studio in a small corner of a small room in the West Midlands...

    People Jan 2004
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    Liam Watson & Toe Rag Studios

    The White Stripes

    Liam Watson went against the grain to build a studio with the retro sound he loved. And now that sound is back in fashion, he's had a number one album with the White Stripes.

    People Oct 2003
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    Andy Cross: Zoo Audio


    Although we don't usually cover commercial studios in Readerzone, Andy Cross's small Zoo Audio studio has found its way here because it is one of the few studios in the country to contain an Esmono recording booth.

    People Jan 2003
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    Ron Mulholland


    Like many other musicians, the impact of modern computer-recording technology brought a huge step forward in the quality Ron could achieve with his home studio setup...

    People Dec 2002
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    Readerzone: Jonathan Atkinson

    Another 'through the keyhole' glimpse into a reader's studio reveals how it's possible to turn your hobby into a job, with a TV commission to help you on your way.

    People Jun 2002
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    Readerzone: Paul Lee

    Leeway Studio Productions

    We go through the keyhole of another SOS reader, and ask 'who inhabits a studio like this?'

    People May 2002
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    Gianni Abruzzese


    We visit another SOS reader's studio set-up. This month, it's located in a Portakabin in Bedford, UK.

    People Apr 2002
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    Russ Sowden


    After a house move, SOS reader Russ Sowdon discovered a secret passage under his ground floor, and it led to a hidden barrel-vault cellar which he soon made into his musical den!

    People Mar 2002
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    Readerzone: Simon Greatbatch

    Another 'through the keyhole' glimpse into one more SOS reader's studio.

    People Jan 2002
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    Adie Flute

    Adie Flute

    People Nov 2001


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