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Studio Stories

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    Ron Mulholland


    Like many other musicians, the impact of modern computer-recording technology brought a huge step forward in the quality Ron could achieve with his home studio setup...

    People Dec 2002
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    Readerzone: Jonathan Atkinson

    Another 'through the keyhole' glimpse into a reader's studio reveals how it's possible to turn your hobby into a job, with a TV commission to help you on your way.

    People Jun 2002
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    Readerzone: Paul Lee

    Leeway Studio Productions

    We go through the keyhole of another SOS reader, and ask 'who inhabits a studio like this?'

    People May 2002
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    Gianni Abruzzese


    We visit another SOS reader's studio set-up. This month, it's located in a Portakabin in Bedford, UK.

    People Apr 2002
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    Russ Sowden


    After a house move, SOS reader Russ Sowdon discovered a secret passage under his ground floor, and it led to a hidden barrel-vault cellar which he soon made into his musical den!

    People Mar 2002
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    Readerzone: Simon Greatbatch

    Another 'through the keyhole' glimpse into one more SOS reader's studio.

    People Jan 2002
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