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    Studio SOS: Recording Grand Piano

    Clive John

    Recording piano was turning out to be a grand challenge in Clive John's home studio, so the SOS team headed over to sort things out.

    Techniques Dec 2003
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    Studio SOS: RFI & Hum Problems

    Gordon Giltrap

    The SOS team visit the West Midlands, where Gordon Giltrap's home studio needs help, nestling as it does in the shadow of one of the UK's most powerful TV and radio transmitters.

    Techniques Oct 2003
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    Studio SOS: Mixes That Translate

    Allan Murrell

    This month the intrepid SOS team travel to Wigan to address Allan Murrell's recording, monitoring and mixing problems.

    Techniques Jul 2003
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    Studio SOS: Vocal Sounds

    Nick Redman

    The SOS team battles through snowdrifts to help Nick Redman and Mike Sinnott with two different vocal sounds.

    Techniques Jun 2003
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    Studio SOS: Chesty Vocals & Mystery Buzzes

    Dave Stevens

    The SOS team visit reader Dave Stevens' home studio to sort out a chesty vocal sound, investigate a mystery digital buzz, and hand out some mastering tips.

    Techniques May 2003
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    Studio SOS: Uneven Bass Response

    Dave Wraight

    Dave Wraight had been having trouble with his mixes, despite twice upgrading his speaker system, so the SOS team set about diagnosing and treating his monitoring problems.

    Techniques Apr 2003
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    Studio SOS: Loft Acoustics

    Tom Fox

    Recording in a converted attic, Tom Fox was having serious problems with his acoustics while recording drums, so the SOS team drove over to Yorkshire to sort things out.

    Techniques Mar 2003
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