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    Ron Mulholland


    Like many other musicians, the impact of modern computer-recording technology brought a huge step forward in the quality Ron could achieve with his home studio setup...

    People Dec 2002
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    Studio SOS: Guitar Hums & Buzzes

    Noor Ali

    Hums, buzzes and noise were stopping Noor Ali recording his guitar parts, so SOS headed over to Worcestershire to set things straight.

    Techniques Dec 2002
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    Studio SOS: Turkish Delights

    Murat Yucel

    A special holiday edition of our hands-on troubleshooting column comes direct from sunny Turkey, where Paul White forsakes the beach to help Murat Yucel refine his band's recording setup.

    Techniques Nov 2002
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    Studio SOS: Boxy Vocals & A Weedy Mix

    Nick Tucker

    The SOS team rushes to the rescue of a reader in Somerset suffering from boxy vocals, a weedy mix, and a dodgy tweeter.

    Techniques Oct 2002
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    Studio SOS: Mixes That Don't Travel

    Tim Way

    Another reader's studio gets the benefit of expert SOS staff attention. This month, it's the turn of Tim Way, whose mixes sound fine in his own studio, but don't travel well.

    Techniques Sep 2002
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    Readerzone: Jonathan Atkinson

    Another 'through the keyhole' glimpse into a reader's studio reveals how it's possible to turn your hobby into a job, with a TV commission to help you on your way.

    People Jun 2002
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    Readerzone: Paul Lee

    Leeway Studio Productions

    We go through the keyhole of another SOS reader, and ask 'who inhabits a studio like this?'

    People May 2002
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    Gianni Abruzzese


    We visit another SOS reader's studio set-up. This month, it's located in a Portakabin in Bedford, UK.

    People Apr 2002
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    Russ Sowden


    After a house move, SOS reader Russ Sowdon discovered a secret passage under his ground floor, and it led to a hidden barrel-vault cellar which he soon made into his musical den!

    People Mar 2002
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    Readerzone: Simon Greatbatch

    Another 'through the keyhole' glimpse into one more SOS reader's studio.

    People Jan 2002
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