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Studio Stories

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    Studio SOS: Monitoring

    Dave Rogers

    This SOS reader was having trouble with his monitoring, so the SOS team sped over to his home studio in Bristol, England to sort things out.

    Techniques Dec 2005
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    Studio SOS: Improving Your Workspace

    Bella Saer

    In another exciting installment of our studio 'makeover' series, the team rotate Bella Saer's entire setup through 90 degrees in search of a more effective working environment.

    Techniques Nov 2005
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    Studio SOS: Banishing Hums & Buzzes

    Jim Fish

    The SOS team purge the unwanted buzzes and hums from reader Jim Fish's new studio.

    Techniques Sep 2005
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    Studio SOS: Carpeted Walls!

    Brett Taylor-Holmes

    The intrepid SOS crew answer a call for help from a drummer whose studio requires a monitoring and acoustics makeover...

    Techniques Aug 2005
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    Studio SOS: Room Reorganisation

    Jazz and Alessia

    The SOS team return to Cambridge, turning another home studio upside down in search of improved vocal and guitar sounds.

    Techniques Jul 2005
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    Studio SOS: Help With Guitars

    Rod Brakes

    The owner of an unusually bijou studio setup provides the chocolate biscuits this month, as the SOS team get busy helping to improve the performance of his gear and the sound of his recordings.

    Techniques Jun 2005
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    Studio SOS: Anjunbeats

    Above & Beyond

    The SOS team are back in London this month to help some high-profile remixers sort out the monitoring problems in their new studio.

    Techniques Apr 2005
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    Studio SOS: Improving Confined Space Drum Recordings

    Tom Lindsey

    The SOS crew travel to an attic in Birmingham (UK) to help a drummer improve his recordings.

    Techniques Mar 2005
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    Studio SOS: Mains Hum

    Aniff Akinola

    Acoustic problems and mains hum were making Aniff's studio difficult to use, so the SOS team stepped in to help.

    Techniques Feb 2005
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    Studio SOS: Live Drums

    The Loose Cannons

    The SOS crew head to the 14th floor of a London tower block to help a pair of readers improve their drum sound.

    Techniques Jan 2005
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