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    Engineer and studio owner Adrian Kerridge

    Recording industry mourns Adrian Kerridge

    Former chairman of the APRS, CADAC founder and owner of Lansdowne Studios will be sorely missed

    The APRS is saddened by the loss of Adrian Kerridge. Adrian was a past APRS Chairman and sat on the board for many...

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    Grand Cru, London

    Studio File

    Grand Cru was founded as a private studio by Who guitarist Pete Townshend in the late ’70s, and has been in constant operation since then. Recently, it has been made available to the public...

    Music Business Oct 2016
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    Welcome To 1979: Studio Tour

    Video Feature

    Welcome To 1979 isn’t your run of the mill recording studio. That’s because everyone at the complex is dedicated to ...

    Music Business Oct 2016
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