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    Soup Studio, London

    Studio File

    If you want to build a studio in England's capital, you're faced with what Giles Barrett from the Soup Studio team calls the...

    Music Business Aug 2019
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    Capitol Studios: Past, Present & Future

    Video Feature

    From Frank Sinatra to the Beach Boys, Iron Maiden to Arcade Fire, LA's famous Capitol Studios has played host to the world's greatest talents for more than 60 years. Sound On Sound visited the iconic building for an exclusive tour.

    Music Business Jun 2019
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    Riverside Studios, Cologne

    Studio File

    Having the right gear is obviously crucial to the success of any recording studio, but other factors are sometimes overlooked...

    Music Business May 2019
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    MOSH, São Paulo

    Studio File

    The largest country in South America, Brazil boasts a musical history like no other, spanning classical music, heavy metal,...

    Music Business Apr 2019
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    Studio SOS: Home Studio Upgrade

    Dennis J. Wilkins

    Follow one SOS reader on his quest to transform a box room into a studio worthy of the name!

    Techniques Apr 2019
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    La Siesta del Fauno, Buenos Aires

    Studio File

    La Siesta del Fauno's founder, Ernesto Romeo, has curated a haven for creativity in Argentina that is specialised in the intricacies of analogue and digital synthesis...

    Music Business Feb 2019
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