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Sound Modules

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    Emu Vintage Pro

    Sample-based Vintage Keyboard Module

    10 years on from the Vintage Keys module, Emu are looking to repeat its success, this time with 128-note polyphony, 32 MIDI channels and 32MB of sample ROM. But is it a fine Vintage, or past its best?

    Reviews Apr 2003
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    Emu Proteus 2500

    128-Voice Expandable Command Module

    Emu's synths may have broken no new ground since the 1999 launch of the Proteus 2000, but the new 2500 plays to their strengths, offering the best of their sound library, plus excellent sequencing and real-time control capabilities, at a very attractive price.

    Reviews Mar 2002
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    Emu MP7 & XL7 Command Stations

    128-Voice Synths/Multitrack Sequencers

    Emu's eye-catching new Command Stations repackage the sounds of their MP1 and XL1 sound modules, adding hands-on sequencing and real-time controls. Can the company win fans with these late entries to the groovebox market?

    Reviews Nov 2001
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    Emu Mo'Phatt

    Urban Dance Synth

    The latest in Emu's range of style-specific sound modules is bright purple, stuffed with 32Mb of 'street' sounds, and bristling with urban attitude. Paul Farrer takes a closer look.

    Reviews Mar 2001
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    Emu Systems Virtuoso 2000

    128-voice Virtual Orchestra Module

    Continuing their tradition of themed rackmount modules, Emu have unleashed a 128-voice virtual orchestra in a box. A virtuoso endeavour or virtual insanity?

    Reviews Dec 2000
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    Emu XL1 Xtreme Lead 1

    Sound Module

    Built in to the same box as Emu's flagship Proteus 2000 comes the Xtreme Lead 1, a dance-based 64-voice, 16-part multitambral sound module with 32Mb of onboard sampled ROM sounds. But is it as powerful as it is bright? Paul Farrer finds out.

    Reviews Aug 2000
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    Emu B3 Tonewheel

    Organ Module

    When Emu launched their flagship Proteus 2000 sound module last year, they promised a further range of cheaper 'P1K' modules which would cater for special needs, but be expandable to full Proteus 2000 spec. The first of these modules to appear aims to recreate the classic Hammond tomewheel organ sound. Nick Magnus is impressed.

    Reviews Jun 2000
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    Emu Proteus 2000 synth module.

    Emu Proteus 2000

    Synthesizer Module

    We meet the reviewer's dream — a powerful synth that's versatile, easy to use, easy to edit and even demonstrates its own patches for you!

    Reviews Mar 1999
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    Emu Audity 2000

    Digital Synth Module

    The streamlined '90s exterior of Emu's Audity 2000 claims to hide a virtual modular hybrid, harking back to the company's own lost '70s analogue megasynth.

    Reviews Aug 1998
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    Emu Carnaval Latin

    Sound Module

    Given the size of the Spanish-speaking world, it makes good commercial sense to produce a Latin-style sound module — but only if it's sufficiently authentic to sell to those in the know and sufficiently versatile to be attractive to other musicians simply looking for a bit of spice in their rack. Chris Carter and Joe Ortiz play with fire...

    Reviews Jul 1997
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    Emu Planet Phatt

    Sound Module

    Emu's latest swingbeat sample player is home to a colony of wicked sounds for hip-hop, trip-hop and acid jazz fans. Dominic Hawken puts on his space suit to explore this strange new world.

    Reviews Jun 1997
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    Emu Systems Sound Engine

    GM Sound Module

    Emu's Sound Engine is the first dedicated General MIDI module from the USA. Derek Johnson explores GM the American way.

    Reviews Dec 1995
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    Emu Classic Keys

    Analogue Keyboard Sound Module

    Emu's Vintage Keys module offered a tempting selection of sounds sampled from the cream of desirable analogue synths. Now the same concept has been remodelled, with a lower price tag to appeal to a larger range of musicians. Gordon Reid assesses the Classic Keys.

    Reviews Dec 1994
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    Emu Ultra Proteus

    Synthesizer Module

    Imagine a synth which is a cross between the best of Emu's Proteus and Proformance modules, and also includes the Z-plane filters of the Morpheus. No further need to imagine; it's here, in the form of the new UltraProteus. Julian Colbeck checks out this impressive multitimbral module.

    Reviews Aug 1994
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    Emu Proteus FX

    Sound Module & Onboard Effects

    The Proteus series of sound modules have gained a reputation for being all things to all musicians — but they've never had on-board effects. The newest addition to the family takes care of that. Nigel Humberstone checks it out.

    Reviews May 1994
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