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Sound Modules

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    4MS Spherical Wavetable Navigator

    Eurorack Module

    The SWN is a fairly big 26HP six‑voice module capable of creating slowly morphing drones, polyphonic melodies, evolving sequences and a vast range of rich textures.

    Reviews Mar 2021
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    4MS Ensemble Oscillator

    Eurorack Module

    This ensemble oscillator comprises 16 sine wave VCOs in one module, each voice of which will play different (related) programmed notes/harmonics in arrays that you can select, tweak and voltage control.

    Reviews Nov 2020
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    4MS Listen Four, Listen Four Quarters, Listen IO & Listen Up

    Eurorack Modules

    There is no denying that 'utility' modules get a bad rap and are seen by many as uncool. But I see them more as...

    Reviews Oct 2020
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