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Sound Modules

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    Qu-Bit Wave

    Eurorack Sample Player Module

    Qu-Bit’s Wave is presumably named after the Wave (wav) format samples it plays — up to four of them at once. A 4GB MicroSD card is included, ready-populated with drum hits, vocals, synths and sound effects, easily enough to get you going...

    Reviews Nov 2016
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    Memotron M2D

    Sound Module

    Manikin have shrunk their Mellotron emulator down to desktop module size, but how will it measure up?

    Reviews Apr 2016
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    ATV launch “the new eDrum standard”

    Roland founder's company launch aD5 drum module

    The icon behind ATV is none other than Ikutaro Kakehashi — the visionary founder of Roland Corporation, Ace...

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    Moog Mother-32

    Semi–modular Analogue Synthesizer

    Moog modulars have always been unattainable objects of desire for most of us. But all that’s about to change...

    Reviews Jan 2016
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