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Sound Modules

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    Modular Technique & What's New?

    Getting Wet: Using Effects

    Effects, particularly spatial effects, constitute a relatively modern facet of modular synthesis, but this need not mean they should only be used as enhancement for existing sounds created on other modules.

    Techniques May 2024
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    Modular Technique & What's New?

    External Instruments

    Quick round-up of What's New in the Modular world, plus External Instruments tips.

    Techniques Apr 2024
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    Modular Profile: Thomas Hutmann & Modular News

    Neuzeit Instruments

    As Neuzeit Instruments, German designer Thomas Hutmann is creating marvellous, original designs for Eurorack.

    People Mar 2024
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    Modular Profile: Corry Banks (aka Bboytech)


    American musician and technologist Corry Banks, aka Bboytech, is the driving force behind Modbap.

    People Oct 2023
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    Modular Profile: Modular Princess

    Engineer, Producer & Creator Arushi Jain

    Arushi Jain has toured the world over as Modular Princess, with a critically acclaimed brand of electronic composition infused with the influence of Hindustani classical music.

    People Sep 2023
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    Modular Profile: Max Ravitz

    Moog Music

    Having joined the team at Moog Music back in 2015, product strategist Max Ravitz was a key player in the development of the widely lauded Moog Mother‑32.

    People Aug 2023
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    Modular Profile: Matthijs Munnik


    We profile Dutch designer Matthijs Munnik of Cosmotronic.

    People Jul 2023
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    Modular system with loads of messy cables and modules!

    Why I Love... Rearranging My Modular

    Robin Vincent

    There’s a running gag in modular circles about how someone has just completed their system. But in a few days, maybe a week, other modules will start popping up out of drawers and things will change.

    People Jun 2023
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    Modular Profile: Lisa Bella Donna

    Electronic Sound Sorceress

    Musician, sound designer, educator and all‑round electronic sound sorceress, Lisa Bella Donna has built a reputation for herself as one of the most eminent synthesists anywhere.

    People Apr 2023
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    Modular Profile: Matthew Allum

    ALM/Busy Circuits

    As the man behind the phenomenally successful British developer ALM/Busy Circuits, Matthew Allum speaks all things modular.

    People Mar 2023
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    Modular Profile: Jan Willem Hagenbeek


    Based in The Hague, Netherlands, Jan Willem Hagenbeek is best known in the modular world as Ginkosynthese...

    People Feb 2023
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    Modular Profile: Finlay Shakespeare

    Future Sound Systems

    Modular Profile: Finlay Shakespeare

    The founder of Bristol‑based developer Future Sound Systems, Finlay Shakespeare is a...

    People Jan 2023
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    Modular Profile: Sarah Belle Reid

    Synthesist & Educator

    A lauded synthesist and an inspiring educator, Sarah Belle Reid’s techniques are innovative, explorative and experimental in all the right ways.

    People Oct 2022
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    Modular Profile: Aimo Scampa

    Manifold Research Centre

    Aimo Scampa designs modules under the moniker of Manifold Research Centre, with an approach that’s as off‑the‑wall as it is fascinatingly clever...

    People Sep 2022
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    Modular Profile: Josh Mason

    Utility Music

    American synthesist Josh Mason’s latest release, Utility Music, is a rather stunning demonstration of the Doepfer A‑100...

    People Aug 2022
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    Modular Profile: Moritz Klein & Girts Ozolins

    DIY Education

    German DIY electronics whiz Moritz Klein and Erica Synths founder Girt Ozolins explain the motivation behind their mki x es.EDU collaboration.

    People Jul 2022
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    Modular Profile: Mylar Melodies

    Getting Better At Making Music

    Mylar Melodies has in recent years ascended to become one of the Internet’s premier educators in all things modular.

    People Jun 2022
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    ​​​​​​​Modular Profile: Kris Kaiser - Noise Engineering


    Los Angeles’ Noise Engineering have in just a few years established themselves as one of the most exciting developers on the modular stage.

    People Mar 2022
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    Modular Profile: Andrew Ostler - Expert Sleepers


    We chat to Andrew Ostler, the man behind one of the UK’s most eminent Eurorack developers, Expert Sleepers.

    People Feb 2022
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