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Sound Modules

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    Elektron Syntakt OS 1.20 analogue digital  drum machine synthesizer operating system upgrade download

    Elektron announce Syntakt OS upgrade

    Instrument gains two new sound Machines

    Elektron have announced the release of OS 1.20 for Syntakt, expanding the instruments melodic capabilities with the addition of two new Machines. 

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    Der Mann mit der Maschine M4 Motorfader Controller Eurorack motorised fader rotary toggle switch CV controller

    Der Mann mit der Maschine Eurorack modules

    Eurorack controller features motorised faders

    Der Mann mit der Maschine have announced the release of two new controllers for their Droid Master module, which generates and processes CV signals for Eurorack modular systems.

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    ALM/Busy Circuits Pamela's PRO Workout clocked modulation Eurorack module modular synthesis sequencer CV

    Pamela’s PRO Workout from ALM/Busy Circuits

    Third generation of popular Eurorack module

    ALM/Busy Circuits are celebrating the tenth anniversary of their Pamela's Workout clock and function generator module with a new version equipped with new wave shapes, more CV inputs, and improved visual feedback. 

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    Anyma Omega Kickstarter polyphonic physical modelling virtual analogue wavetable FM synthesizer desktop keyboard

    Anyma Omega from Aodyo Instruments

    Kickstarter campaign now live

    Aodyo Instruments are running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the Anyma Omega, a 16-voice multi-timbral physical modelling synthesizer based on the engine used in their Anyma Phi instrument.  

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    Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth MKII electric motor synthesizer

    Motor Synth MkII now available

    Instrument gains DCO and new performance features

    Gamechanger Audio have announced the limited availability of the Motor Synth MkII, an innovative synthesizer which uses electic motors as oscillators. 

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    Synclavier Regen digital FM desktop synthesizer additive subtractive sample

    Synclavier Digital Regen synthesizer

    Supports polyphonic aftertouch and MPE

    The Regen from Synclavier Digital is a new desktop synthesizer powered by an enhanced Synclavier II DSP engine.

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    Novation 30th anniversary giveaway competition win synths studio equipment

    30 years of Novation giveaway

    Company's biggest ever prize bundle

    Novation are celebrating their 30th year with a series of artist videos and a huge equipment giveaway.

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    Elektron Song Mode update Digitone Keys Digitakt Syntakt

    Elektron introduce Song Mode feature

    New functionality for Digitakt, Syntakt and Digitone instruments

    Latest OS update brings a much-requested Song Mode feature to Elektron's Digitakt, Syntakt, Digitone and Digitone Keys instruments. 

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    Koma Elektronik Modular Gang limited edition Dual Discreet VCA Eurorack modular synthesizer module

    Koma Elektronik limited edition VCA module

    Made in collaboration with Modular Gang

    Koma Elektronik have teamed up with Modular Gang to produce a limited edition version of their Dual Discreet VCA Eurorack module.

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    Modular Profile: Sarah Belle Reid

    Synthesist & Educator

    A lauded synthesist and an inspiring educator, Sarah Belle Reid’s techniques are innovative, explorative and experimental in all the right ways.

    People Oct 2022
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    Erica Synths LXR Drum Module

    Erica Synths release LXR Eurorack Drum Module

    A compact percussion sound module

    The new LXR Drum Module has assignable CV control to be used in Eurorack systems.

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    Modal Electronics Filton dual transistor ladder filter drive Eurorack module

    Modal Electronics Filton - Eurorack ladder filter

    Available exclusively via Kickstarter

    Filton from Modal Electronics is a 4-pole transistor ladder filter for the Eurorack format which features two independant filters and transistor drive circuitry. 

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    Modular Profile: Aimo Scampa

    Manifold Research Centre

    Aimo Scampa designs modules under the moniker of Manifold Research Centre, with an approach that’s as off‑the‑wall as it is fascinatingly clever...

    People Sep 2022
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    Neural DSP Archetype Rabea guitar triggered software synthesizer amp simulator

    Neural DSP release Archetype: Rabea

    Contains a synthesizer that can be triggered by a guitar

    Archetype: Rabea from Neural DSP features a synthesizer that can be triggered by a standard guitar, without the need for any special pickups or hardware. 

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    Eventide Misha Eurorack tone-row sequencer module

    Eventide Misha now available

    Interval-based instrument offers a "new way to make music"

    Eventide have announced that Misha, their interesting new interval-based Eurorack sequencer, is now available. 

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    Modular Profile: Josh Mason

    Utility Music

    American synthesist Josh Mason’s latest release, Utility Music, is a rather stunning demonstration of the Doepfer A‑100...

    People Aug 2022
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    AJH Synth Tap Tempo Multi Burst Envelope LFO Eurorack modules

    AJH Synth Envelope and Tap Tempo LFO modules

    Two new stars from AJH Synth

    AJH Synths have released two new Eurorack modules that feature some unique modulation capabilities.

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    Modular Profile: Moritz Klein & Girts Ozolins

    DIY Education

    German DIY electronics whiz Moritz Klein and Erica Synths founder Girt Ozolins explain the motivation behind their mki x es.EDU collaboration.

    People Jul 2022
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    Moog Mavis semi-modular analogue synthesizer

    Moog Mavis semi-modular synth

    Affordable Moog synth will come supplied in kit form

    Mavis is a semi-modular DIY synth that can be used both standalone or as part of a Eurorack system.

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    Modular Profile: Mylar Melodies

    Getting Better At Making Music

    Mylar Melodies has in recent years ascended to become one of the Internet’s premier educators in all things modular.

    People Jun 2022
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    Erica Synths EDU DIY VCF Eurorack module

    DIY VCF module from Erica Synths

    Latest module to join the EDU DIY range

    Erica Synths' range of DIY modules continues to grow with the addition of the EDU DIY VCF.



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