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Synthesis / Sound Design

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    Q. Do I need a dedicated FM soft synth?

    I've noticed that many virtual analogue soft synths claim to offer FM capabilities, and provide virtual analogue besides. Is there any advantage to the extra expense of something like FM7?

    Sound Advice Nov 2003
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    EMS Synthi 100.

    All About EMS: Part 2


    In the final part of our two-part Retrozone, Gordon Reid charts EMS's further achievements, the reasons for their decline in...

    Music Business Dec 2000
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    EMS VCS3 synthesizer.

    All About EMS: Part 1

    EMS VCS3 & DK1 Retrozone

    In the first part of a two-part series, Gordon Reid charts the rise of EMS and their creation of the world's first self-...

    Music Business Nov 2000
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