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Synthesis / Sound Design

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    Synth School: Part 8

    Wave Sequencing To Z-Plane Synthesis

    Paul Wiffen continues to examine transitional synthesis, covering the Wave Sequencing facility, first introduced on the innovative Korg Wavestation, and concluding with Emu's Z-plane technique, which may be regarded as bridging the gap between S&S and today's physical modelling.

    Techniques Jun 1998
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    Making The Most Of Your Emu Proteus: Part 2

    Tips & Techniques

    Paul Farrer looks at ways of using Proteus 2 samples to create a convincing orchestral arrangement.

    Techniques Oct 1995
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    Making The Most Of Your Emu Proteus: Part 1

    Tips & Techniques

    In the first of a 2-Part series, Paul Farrer offers some hints and tips for improving the sounds you can coax from Emu's popular Proteus range.

    Techniques Sep 1995
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