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Synthesis / Sound Design

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    Synth School: Part 4

    Additive Synthesis

    Throughout the '80s, additive synthesis was the Holy Grail for synth purists; many machines aspired to it, but only one achieved it successfully. Paul Wiffen explains how additive works and looks at the various implementations, including the newly updated Kawai version.

    Techniques Oct 1997
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    Synth School: Part 3

    Digital Synthesis (FM, PD & VPM)

    Having completed his study of analogue synthesis last month, Paul Wiffen takes a look at FM and its related digital synthesis types, which rocked the synth world throughout the 1980s.

    Techniques Sep 1997
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    Korg MS20 Mini.

    Synth School: Part 2

    Resonance, Envelopes & Routing

    This month, Paul Wiffen looks at ways of modifying a filter's shape, both in terms of frequency response and over time, and considers the importance of routing in connecting together a synth's various sound-generating and -modifying components.

    Techniques Aug 1997
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    Synth School: Part 1

    Analogue Oscillators, Filters & LFOs

    After all the political talk in recent years about a return to traditional values, Paul Wiffen kicks off a major new series on synth programming by arguing the Analogue Fundamentalist Party case — that an understanding of the basic elements of traditional analogue synths is essential to fully exploit the various types of synthesis available today.

    Techniques Jun 1997
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    Making The Most Of Your Emu Proteus: Part 2

    Tips & Techniques

    Paul Farrer looks at ways of using Proteus 2 samples to create a convincing orchestral arrangement.

    Techniques Oct 1995
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    Making The Most Of Your Emu Proteus: Part 1

    Tips & Techniques

    In the first of a 2-Part series, Paul Farrer offers some hints and tips for improving the sounds you can coax from Emu's popular Proteus range.

    Techniques Sep 1995
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    Exploring Analogue, Part 3


    24 tracks? Pah! How about a whopping 24 notes? Steve Howell concludes his series on the modular system of yore by taking a look at the somewhat capacitorially-challenged analogue sequencer...

    Techniques Jul 1994
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    Creating Analogue Sounds On Digital Synths: Part 4

    Recreating Analogue Bass

    Set the controls for the heart of the bass: Nick Magnus reveals just how low your digital synth can go...

    Techniques Apr 1994
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    Creating Analogue Sounds On Digital Synths: Part 3

    Recreating Analogue Brass

    Nick Magnus puts on his Indiana Jones hat and treks ever deeper into the heart of your digital synth. This month's Holy Grail is analogue brass.

    Techniques Mar 1994
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    Creating Analogue Sounds On Digital Synths: Part 2

    Recreating Analogue Strings

    Nick Magnus continues his quest to emulate analogue sounds on digital instruments. This month, he shows you how to recreate analogue strings.

    Techniques Feb 1994
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    Sound Synthesis: Part 1


    Though sound synthesis has a relatively short history, its progress has been rapid, with the result that the basic concepts of synthesis are now becoming lost in the mists of time — yet to effectively programme current synths, it really helps to know them.

    Techniques Feb 1994
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    Creating Analogue Sounds On Digital Synths: Part 1

    Tips & Techniques

    Make your digital synth put on an analogue hat. Does the current passion for analogue mean you have to put your digital synth back in its box and track down an analogue instrument? Not if Nick Magnus has anything to do with it!

    Techniques Jan 1994


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